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Comment Re:Bush vs. Civil Liberties (Score 1) 513

What happened to all the people who made all those promises that this equipment would never be used for this purpose when they were looking to pass funding for making all this equipment? It seems to me they were all government officials and probably some still are. Does the term lieing through thier teeth have any meaning here? Oh and for the fellow who said cut the talk about the revolution; to do things the way you say would require that the American Public have some say in who there is to vote for not pick the lessor of two evils. Then it might stand a chance of working. Intill that happens it only leave certian options. The problem is there would be those that would consider receiving funding for a revoltion from the likes of Russa or Red China. Or maybe Laden himself. So yes if a revolution ever was to occur we would really have to be mindful of those who would try to gain from it personelly. That isn't anything new. Treating the American people has they are the terrorist is. You want to stop terror stop our government.

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