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Comment that's what you get (Score 1) 866

when you base your dogma upon worship, fear, and ideology. Not reality. Modern day Christianity is mostly the polar opposite of the things That Jesus taught - note that most religious leaders are very fond of quoting the old testament, and saying "God says". When a religion becomes primarily a social self reinforcing group based upon a set of rules, then it is doomed from the beginning to fail.

Comment wrong totally (Score 1) 275

the truth is this "most watched" stat is fake. What Fox did was pressure the cable companies to put Fox news on basic cable, and put other cable news programs, on upgrade packages. So Fox counts how basic cable installs to come up with this figure. This "free Fox on basic cable" is why, when you go to some gyms, doctors' offices, auto dealers, they have Fox news going. Which, again, Fox counts. But what do you expect from chronic liars..

Comment it wasn't the RIAA curve - it was Dolby (Score 1) 433

The RIAA compensation curve is inserted at the lathe, and is not on the master tape itself. Actually what it usually was, was Dolby NR un - decoded tapes. Dolby encoding was usually done at the end of the final mix to two track. But a lot of times, Dolby was applied at the first stage of the mix down to two track - IOW in say a 24T, there would be 24 individual Dolby units encoding each track. The 2 track, and the multi track tape boxes and track sheets were noted "with Dolby" (and which flavor, usually A or C), so whoever pulled them knew to fire up the Dolby rack. But in the rush to convert from tape to CD, as you say, a lot were converted with the Dolby encoding "un-Dolbyed" . And a lot were transferred without even taking the time to properly bias, or even align the the playback machine, so there would be this mis alignment / mis bias smearing, best heard at the top end, in the CDs. When CDs came out, record companies saw a goldmine, and they rushed transfers, often hiring people with not even a passing knowledge of audio engineering, to do they jobs-they hired the cheapest, and got cheap results. They would put these untrained people in a room with a 2 track and a CD recorder, and a stack of tapes. The idiots would clean the tape heads, open the box drop the tape on, set the levels, and hit play and record, then read a book for maybe 20 to 40 minutes, then pull out the CD ,label it, hit rewind on the tape machine, rebox the tape and go to the next one. And quite a few didn't even bother to set the levels, either. The Engineers and Producers that spent long hours getting the sound they wanted on the master tapes, saw their work ruined, and they were quite pissed when they heard what happened to their mixes.

Comment Warmth and Vinyl compression and more (Score 5, Insightful) 433

Having been around mastering engineers and lathes "back in the day", and during the change over from tape to digital, I can contribute a couple of points: 1 -tubes - for a long time lathes, and mastering consoles used tubes which naturally warm up sound. Tubes handle even harmonics differently from solid state. Mastering consoles also used stepped EQ's - that is, instead of a continuously variable resistor, they used a gang of military spec resistors on a rotary switch, and some mastering engineers swore the stepped mastering consoles sound better. 2 - LPs come compressed- way back it was discovered that the needle couldn't track lows and highs well - the needle would skip and bounce, so the RIAA came up with this compression / restoration scheme that rolls off the top and bottom during the cutting process, and restores it in the amplification process. That is why you LPs will sound thin if they are not plugged in to "phono in". That input has the RIAA curve circuitry built in, while the other inputs are "flat". With the development of laser beams in place of a needle, tracking is more accurate, but, because of the cutter. the RIAA curve is still needed. 3 - and one other thing and that is tape. Almost all LPs are made from recordings made on magnetic tape, and tape saturation will warm up a track. The signal alteration during the recording process - from microphone to console (desk) and through signal processors, to multi track tape machine to 2 track mix down, then over to the mastering lab to be mastered and made ready for the cutting lathe - a master cut onto acetate, then metal copies of that are made for the pressers, which use injection molded vinyl to create the finished product, is way different. Today, it's microphone into a digital recorder of sorts - Pro Tools, Cubase, even Garage Band, etc., then completely produced and mastered and outputted in digital. The only issue is file format degradation if the end product winds up as an MP3 or 4.

Comment US laws ---- vs the world and blowback (Score 4, Informative) 419

The US is in a weak position, because in order to create a uniform standard of international law to address this sort of thing, the US will have to work as an equal with other countries who are already suspicious of US motives. The US knows this, which is why they are trying to bulldoze their way through this. The issue here is international law, and the laws of other countries involved. The HUGE problem is this: If MS is forced to turn over the data that is in another country (and possibly causing MS to violate the laws of that country) , then another country, using exactly the same ruling, could force a US company to obey its laws. Here's and example: Russia finds a worm , virus, whatever in some software that it's government is using, and that their data was stolen. Russian law allows confiscation of all computer hardware and the people involved held in jail until trial in Russia. The Russian government decides that the infection was present in software that was on the computer at the time of purchase, and as a result that company must have Russia's data, so now Russia can send its enforcers over here and confiscate..... Ooops. What MS is doing is trying to prevent a very shortsighted US ruling of opening a Pandora's box that can be used against the US.

Comment An end run (Score 1) 502

" One of the reasons why companies put data centers in Ireland is to comply with EU rules about the locations of personal information. If the US can pierce EU rules regarding personal information simply because someone in the US has access to the servers, then that could lead to EU rules prohibiting such access." And the US is attempting an end run around the established Interpol channels and other countries' laws. And, in typically ignoramus US fashion, the US is unaware of what precedent it will set, if this is successful, and how it will blow back in their faces, if another country tries it. As much as the US would like to ignore reality, the truth is the servers are in another country, and,no matter who owns them, they are subject to that countries rules and regulations. The US is attempting to impose its laws on the rest of the world. You are right- this is not a matter for the US courts, it is for the world court to decide. And my bet is the WC will decide that the laws of the country where the servers are located will prevail.

Comment two points (Score 1) 1330

The SC has now opened two doors: 1- who will define what "Christian values" are? Could a Catholic bookstore charge Baptist patrons more? And what of non Christian companies - can an conservative Jewish run business be allowed to flog customers that do not cover their heads? The way the ruling is, anyone can claim Christian values, no matter what they may be. I could now sell my fictional daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Leviticus and nothing can be done to stop me, because it's "Christian values". or heck, even a return to polygamy. And note what Robert Reich said today - in sum, to quote the court -âoeThe most straightforward way of doing this would be for the Government to assume the cost of providing the four contraceptives at issue to any women who are unable to obtain them under their health-insurance policies due to their employersâ(TM) religious objections.â IOW, the court just established single payer for people who cannot get health coverage, even if it is their employer who fails to provide it..

Comment A couple of things: (Score 2) 1010

"it's self-evident. if you believe in unprovable things your brain is defective." not so long ago, radio was considered to be "magic". "Unprovable" things could also be worded as "things we haven't been able to prove / have not discovered / our senses do not detect, yet". We know that ultra violet light exists, but our eyes and brains do not detect it. Without technology, we would not know that UV existed, so, using your premise, our brains are defective. Uh, wrong... And This: "religion is the politics of spirituality". IOW, a smart person sees through the dogma of a religious sect, which is, after all, nothing more than a social group that functions the way all social groups do. They have rules of membership, and it is these rules that smart people see as being irrelevant to their spiritual values. For example, it is not true that you will go to hell if you are not baptized by complete immersion. Silly. Smart people see that there is no need to belong to a particular religion to have any spiritual values, and by and large, they are suspicious of the motivations of the religious leader, and skeptical of "worship"of some deity. Which is why some religions have a fit if you do not belong to a religious group. That makes you a threat to the foundation fo their social group, and they can't have that, so, whether you be atheist or an independent believer in some sort of cosmic order / cause and effect / karma, that makes you "the enemy". Religions do not liek people who ask too many questions and they insist that their dogma be taken on faith alone, and you are showing a lack of faith by asking too many questions. Which is why I got out of organized religion long ago. They do now want their followers to be too self aware, because self awareness leads to seeing through a social construct, and society in itself.

Comment and to add to this (Score 1) 208

Tell the president, if he gets a daily briefing (Aug 6, 2001) from the CIA entitled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US" about a very possible terrorist attack on the WTC (which would be attempt #3) the should do more than say "OK, you've covered your ass".

To think, all Bush had to do was to read the PDB, and warn the airlines to step up security and be alert for a possible cockpit takeover. Maybe even install a lock on the door - there was time to do that.

Comment two things: (Score 1) 926

TV and ignorance. Ignorance allows people to be easily manipulated, because they don't know or don't question, and TV / mass media is the manipulator that encourages ignorance and sells fear. Turn on the tube and count the instances of violence in 4 hours, on a major channel. Count the number of shootings, explosions, bullets fired. Count the number of violent "others". Informed people who are not subject to a daily barrage of scare tactics are not easily led, so best to keep them dumb and scared, and they will vote against their own interests every time.

Comment Question: (Score 1, Insightful) 183

So how is a musician going to make a living in music? Would you ask your doctor to be open source? Would you ask him to operate "for the door? Would you ask you mechanic to work on your car "for exposure"? Do you expect people to give money to musicians out of sheer appreciation? Let me tell you from experience - this does not happen. I have yet to compose and record a sound track that I was paid for out of the goodness of the client' hearts. My wife has several CDs out, performances done on camera, and she needs the royalties from singing, composing, publishing, recording, rights to the master, re- use, etc., to live off of. Let me ask this question, then - why are musicians held to a different standards than doctors, teachers, workers, etc., who expect to get paid for what they do? Would you guys code / IT for free? Of course not.

Comment Make a careful note (Score 0) 716

that these exemptions have been used for years by GE, Exxon, etc., and they have never been called to Washington to defend themselves. Why Apple? Why now? And, most important, if Apple is held to an interpretation of the tax laws, Will Exxon, Halliburton, GE, Wal -Mart, the Koch Brother, etc., also be called in and held to the same standards? I think not. Congress knows very well that these companies are their funders and they will get a warning very soon to back off of Apple, lest they be dragged into the spotlight.

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