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Comment Outsourcing never works (Score 2) 252

Management (Who usually don't do the work, or even understand the work. Not only IT, any field from IT to janitorial) always wants to outsource because they think it'll save money. It nearly never saves money, and the service usually ends up being well below what is expected or existed previously. Sometimes the bottom line isn't the bottom line.

Comment Re:Content (Score 1) 316

This is the biggest betrayal of modern media. Offer no ads, for a price, then renege on the deal. Cable TV, Public Radio, Public Television, and now streaming services.

More of American business pushing the profit envelope. It's not enough to make a profit, you gotta extort every fucking penny you possibly can out of consumers. Break promises, lie, cheat, steal.

And consumers continue to put up with it.

Comment It's the 21st Century, Guys, Get Over It (Score 1) 858

As a man, I'm appalled and dismayed to see all the bile aimed at women. Whether it's gaming, or politics, or entertainment, there's this poisonous aggression towards women that's disturbing as fuck.

Seriously, dudes, what the fuck are you so afraid of?

I reserve my aggression for reaction to physical threats, not insecurity about my manhood.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 455

"One day you will meet a not so nice Christian who might punch your teeth down your throat."

My impression is most Christians seem like they want to punch someone's teeth down their throat because that non-Christian, or less insanely fanatical Christian, doesn't believe in exactly the same Destructo-Jesus that Punchy does.

But Punchy forgets, even non-right-wing, non-Christians can be armed and/or aggressively willing to defend their own beliefs and rights.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 455

How about we enforce traffic law in general?

Where I live, we're supposedly #4 in road rage in the country. I can see why. It's the Wild West on the streets and expressways. You'd practically have to crash into a cop car screaming "Allahu Ackbar" in order to get a ticket around here.

Shit, if cops issued tickets for reckless driving, the local court system would be awash in cases.

I don't know what the fuck the cops are spending their time on, but it certainly isn't traffic law enforcement. Believe me, stoners are the least of our worries. They might be a danger to the insanely aggressively-stupid drivers in that they're going the speed limit or lower ('cause they're stoned, maaan), and these dipshits texting, and driving aggressively (and/or drunk) might rear-end them.

Seriously, so many tickets...

Comment Re: Subversion of the West (Score 2) 1080

Aw, quit whining about taxes.

I'm so sick of hearing people cry about paying into society. You want infrastructure? You want the CDC, NIH, EPA, DOT, FDA, etc., you pay taxes. You want civilization, you pay taxes.

Crybaby tax-dodgers, from all levels of the economy, are the one of the main reasons we so many problems in the U.S., along with the anti-regulators.

Comment Re:Next level social awkwardness (Score 0) 678

I dunno, why does they?

Why are gun nuts so fearful?

I find it remarkable that I grew up in a major metropolitan city (in which handguns were illegal), within the city limits, and lived in many sketchy neighborhoods, and I never felt the need for a gun. Yet many of these gun nuts live in the suburbs and rural areas where the crime rate is vastly lower, and they act like they're facing a goddamned war zone when they have to run over to Walmart to pick up some diapers.

What a bunch of chicken-shits.

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