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Comment Re:A watch is a watch (Score 1) 232

I recommend the Seiko 5 line. Waterproof, shockproof, day/date, and mechanical self-winding. And they run the gamut from plain to elegant.

That said, they're jewelry, as opposed to a necessity to tell time, since like most have pointed out, there are clocks everywhere these days.

When I was a kid, you either wore a watch, or looked at the nearest bank or dry cleaners for the time. Or asked someone who was wearing a watch.

Comment Oh, don't say that! (out loud) (Score 1) 77

"Netflix does best in the documentaries category, where users rate non-original content, on average, at 3.54."

Great. Once the exec$ hear that that'll be the only original content we'll get. Why? Because just like reality TV, documentaries cost a lot less than original drama productions. And Crom knows, American business always goes for the cheap, easy, short-term, high profit product.

While I like a good documentary as much as the next person, sometimes I just don't give a shit about The Ancient Aliens of Macchu Pichu, and I just want to watch a couple of episodes of Luke Cage.

Comment Outsourcing never works (Score 2) 252

Management (Who usually don't do the work, or even understand the work. Not only IT, any field from IT to janitorial) always wants to outsource because they think it'll save money. It nearly never saves money, and the service usually ends up being well below what is expected or existed previously. Sometimes the bottom line isn't the bottom line.

Comment Re:Content (Score 1) 316

This is the biggest betrayal of modern media. Offer no ads, for a price, then renege on the deal. Cable TV, Public Radio, Public Television, and now streaming services.

More of American business pushing the profit envelope. It's not enough to make a profit, you gotta extort every fucking penny you possibly can out of consumers. Break promises, lie, cheat, steal.

And consumers continue to put up with it.

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