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The Internet

Submission + - Comcast's 105MBit Service Comes With Data Cap (itworld.com) 2

itwbennett writes: "Comcast just announced the ultrafast, ultra-broadband "Extreme 105" 105 Mbit/sec Internet service for an introductory price of $105, when bundled with other services. That's the good news. The bad news: Comcast 'put a data cap on the service of 250 Gbit per month — about five hours worth of full-bandwidth use,' writes blogger Kevin Fogarty. 'There's no guarantee you'll be able to take full advantage of all that bandwidth, either.'"

Comment Re: Price elasticity of demand (Score 1) 327

I am suggesting that a simultaneous lowering of price and availability in another large marketplace might offset the price reduction and even net him more revenue.

If i read what he was trying to say, I think he was more suggesting to lower the price to $1.99 in both market places. Even though lowering the price on Amazon netted less profits, even though more copies were sold, though not enough to offset the price reduction. By adding the additional, possibly larger market place, this price reduction could net more sales and be maybe more overall revenue.

Comment Re:Hiren's... (Score 1) 274

only problem with Hiren's is that the ability to use certain test on certain hardware configuration at times can be hit or miss. I like to use Memtest for RAM, and Seatools for HD related errors... I knoppoix (linux) for getting data from a working drive where windows has be messed up to the point of not working, and not repairable.

Comment Re:This is why I don't shop at BestBuy (Score 3, Interesting) 681

I was at best buy the other day and i heard of the the sales people almost scaring the lady customer into buy their "geek squard" services.... stating that her machine would have the blue screen of dead and would be unsecure allowing hackers to get into her machine if she didnt get the service.... the customer asked if this happens to all computers, and she was like "yes" i almost felt like going over and saying, you dont get that on a mac or linux machine, but i was in a rush

Comment not recommended... (Score 1) 177

my folks in Upstate NY have an ATT aircard because they cant get cable or dsl, and the dail-up connection was so slow that banking sites were timing out there browsing. According to ATT their house is supposed to be in a HIGH coverage area, for phone, data and 3G, but after using for a couple hours, I soon realized it was not. There are spots in the house, where the aircard would say it has a signal but not be able to transmit or receive anything. It would say that its connected at 3G speeds, but I dont think that the through put was anything close to what you might get on a 128Kbps DSL connection. I think an aircard is great if you need to use your computer on the go, or if there are no other sources of internet available. But due to the cap in capacity, and there lack of speed, I WOULDNT recommend them for permanent home use.

Comment Re:Already been reversed (Score 1) 86

Yea.... Because of the change in ToS, you have the option of escaping your contract, but you need to do that within 30 of the change of service. If you are planning on keeping the same cell phone company, they are not likely to let you get out of the contract and keep you in the service. However, if you are planning to change providers, it does provide an escape because they are altering the original contract and breaking such contract.

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