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Comment Sounds good to me .. (Score 1) 168

"breaking the replication of resources and low volume, high-margin parts that have traditionally been Intel's bread-and-butter.": Intel has served us sort-of well, only. That's one thing. I also have friends who worked there and found it unhappy. I also am personally unhappy that Intel broke Nat Semi's forward looking CPUs and that they worked on the standard salesmen's plan. ARM is a good idea, and is winning. Kudos. Good luck also to AMD.

Comment Re:This does not make for an "Iron Curtain" (Score 1) 337

Perhaps not. But there are similarities and is that not enough to tell you that the West has changed in an evil way? I think it does, and I also think that similies aren't meant for close inspection. The NSA and parallel happenings in Britain *do* remind *me* -unhappily- of the vilified (rightly so) practices of East Germany and the USSR.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 401

Whatever one's political philosophy about them is, drones really are the future -- if one gets shot down, no expensive pilot lost and no embarrassing flag-draped coffins. Can hotseat pilots to allow for long loiter times. No need to have a cockpit for a pilot. Latency and jamming is an issue, but is steadily improving. It's the same way with aircraft carriers, which are steadily becoming welfare for defense contractors and an easy target for ballistic anti-ship missiles, super cavitating torpedos, etc. Defense needs to get out of the 20th century mindset, and out of the pockets of Congress, and into the business of actually building useful stuff.

Right on all counts.

Comment It will be Ok for Snowden .. (Score 2) 315

Chris Hadfield (recent tweeting/singing Canadian Commander of ISS) has some very encouraging words to say about Russia and Russians. I think myself that Snowden *will* have to stay there and that the Russians were decent to extend his stay, virtually indefinitely. Snowden I think is a loyal American and would like to return home, but the USA with pronouncements and anima pointed against him at this point are not likely to let him return. At least, not when Manning is in jail.

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