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Comment Re:But .. but but but. Bullshit. (Score 1) 504

Your revised response makes more sense. I would avoid using the word subsidy in the context of this discussion. Maybe a better way to put what you are saying is that the natural gas industry has a competive advantage of being an established industry.

I like your statement "Once these factors dissipate, natural gas might be substantially more expensive and quite a bit more expensive than solar", because you used the word *might*, but I would challenge you to add some supporting evidence to this opinion.

One factor that contributes to the higher cost of solar is the initial cost of the investment.


How long does it take an investment in a solar plant to catch up to an investment in a natural gas plant for a given region with current solar and natural gas costs? If you support the answer to that question, I will have more confidence in your opionion.

Comment Re:But .. but but but. Bullshit. (Score 1) 504

What is your definition of "highly subsidized"?

If you look at the numbers compiled by the US government for direct subsidies, it is not even close. Natural gas is subsidized at 62 million and Solar is 2.9 billion for 2013. If you include other subsidies such as tax subsidies it is much closer, but still in solar's favor. Natural gas is subsidized at 2.3 billion and Solar is 5.3 billion for 2013. If you consider that natural gas produced was 28,353 Million BTUs versus Solar of 218 Million BTUs, or 130 times as much, your subsidy per BTU is enormous for Solar versus Natural Gas.


There is a great deal of debate on what the costs to roads is and how much the industry pays versus the state, but if we take Pendot's 2010 estimate (from this link http://www.naturalgasintel.com...) it said the state was paying 30 to 35 million more than the industry. Pennsylvania was the 2nd biggest producer in natural gas in 2013, producing 12% of the US's natural gas. If you extrapolate that number for the US you get 291 million. If you add that to the 2.3 billion number above, it makes a very little dent in the comparison.

So using government numbers, comparing Solar versus Natural Gas subsidies, solar is at least 130 times more subsidized per BTU than natural gas.

Comment Re:AT&T does what it wants (Score 1) 139

Conservative business people, they are the biggest hypocrites. They supposedly hate socialism but when it suits them they let the taxpayers foot the bill for transportation systems that they use for transportation of goods and make profits off of those goods. Who's not getting skin in the game again?

That is like saying democratic business people are the biggest hypocrites because they supposedly love government, but when it comes to paying taxes they pay no more than have to.

Comment Re:Why would I admit a lie is true? (Score 1) 99

What are the poison pills you are reffering to?

Democrats want direct funding for plan parenthood in the bill to help deal with Zika. Republicans don't want this, but would allow for states to allocate money as needed (including plan parenthood).

Democrats want this bill considered to be emergency funding, but Republicans have paid for part of the 1.1 billion dollar bill with 750 million from ~100 million of unused funds from Ebola and ~540 million from unused funds from the affordable health care act. The funds for the affordable health care act were unused because in some US territories it was not feasible to setup exchanges and they opted for additional medicare funding and so did not need the money to setup the exchanges.

So nothing really poisonous going on, just disagreement.

Comment misleading headline (Score 1) 406

I don't want to defend Newt's statements, but the headline is misleading. "Newt said Anybody who goes on a website favoring ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or other terrorist groups, that should be a felony and they should go to jail."

He did not say "visiting an ISIS or Al Qaeda website should be a felony". You actually have to visit and "favor" ISIS.

I still think Newt is wrong, and you should have to prove that you gave significant aid to ISIS or Al Qaeda, but it makes what he said less bad.

Comment US canceled IFR research in 1994 (Score 1) 485

Sadly, the US killed the IFR program just as it was about to be completed.

Quotes from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

IFRs use virtually all of the energy content in the uranium fuel whereas a traditional light water reactor uses less than 0.65% of the energy in mined uranium, and less than 5% of the energy in enriched uranium.

In 2001, as part of the Generation IV roadmap, the DOE tasked a 242-person team of scientists from DOE, UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, ANL, LLNL, Toshiba, Westinghouse, Duke, EPRI, and other institutions to evaluate 19 of the best reactor designs on 27 different criteria. The IFR ranked #1 in their study which was released April 9, 2002.

Despite support for the reactor by then-Rep. Richard Durbin (D, IL) and U.S. Senators Carol Mosley Braun (D, IL) and Paul Simon (D, IL), funding for the reactor was slashed, and it was ultimately canceled in 1994 by S.Amdt. 2127 to H.R. 4506, at greater cost than finishing it. When this was brought to President Clinton's attention, he said "I know; it's a symbol."

Bill Clinton announces cancelation of nuclear power research and development https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment Re:Pot, meet kettle. Ketle, meet pot. (Score 1) 402

I have used an Adobe Photoshop lite version in the past and I don't have a recollection of it being bad, but recently I tried using Gimp to create some simple textures for a game and struggled with this simple task. I had trouble finding how to do really fundamental things like change the size of the paint brush or pencil, or where you can easily select a different color. After searching, I found out how to change the size, but then after encountering next challenge color, and even asking a friend, in case I was just being completely oblivious, he could not figure it out either. Maybe I closed one of the many pop up windows that I needed, and could not figure out how to get back. Overall my experience was very bad with Gimp. I gave up based on a recommendation by others to just use paint.net. Paint.net was very straight forward and intutitve. So at least from a non expert user viewpoint, Gimp is a very difficult to use UI.

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