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Comment Re:Recognize them??? (Score 1) 144

Please, please tell me you're being a brat here. I'm a Veteran, an Infantryman and think that any 'medal' to a drone pilot is ridiculous; I was also a contractor with TASK FORCE ODIN-A and handing out medals for sitting on your ass in an ARST staring at a monitor for 12 hour shifts is insanely hilarious. Check, please!

Comment Waste Dump? (Score 2) 69

I swear some ancient civilization used Australia as a waste dump and testing grounds for some seriously bad sh** - the frigging Platypus is weird enough but folks forget the damned thing is *poisonous*, too - then add in the rest of the the things that are pretty much post-Apocalypse like the other floral and fauna that are incredibly lethal (e.g., the snakes) and it can make you wonder 'wtf happened here??'

Comment Re:Wrong assumptions (Score 1) 381

Total US Population: 316,668,567 Available US Manpower with Draft: 145,212,012 Fit for Service (Draft) : 120,022,084 Reaching Military Age Annually: 4,217,412] Active Frontline Personnel: 1,430,000 Active Reserve Personnel: 850,880 The argument often made is that only 3% of the US population fought the American Revolutionary War so a like number of armed civilians today would be about 9,500,057 people making that *FAR* larger than the active forces today even without outright desertions and refusal to fire upon US citizens. The entire state of Pennsylvania has 1,000,000 deer hunters alone - that's a LOT of snipers. As I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan, an real insurgency is hard to beat in Third World technological bases; a full-blown insurgency in the US with modern technology would be a nightmare for any force seeking to put it down. You may not like the 2nd Amendment but that's why it's there.

Comment Wrong assumptions (Score 1) 381

There's an assumption by many that there is an actual desire to stop this. I'm not so sure. Put the country in crises, destabilize it, and call for martial law 'for the health and safety of the people' and, Bob's your uncle, you're in charge for life! Alinksy thought the same thing.

Comment ...and behind the screen we will find.... (Score 1) 425

The Chinese Intelligence apparatus funding the Jihad groups in order to keep the West occupied in Small Wars while China grows it's military to exceed the West. Though I guess I shouldn't have said that out loud and in open source but it's not like anyone with two brain cells can't make the assumption.

Comment Boiling the really big frog (Score 1) 730

Apple Watch with health informatics + Apple Pay leads the way to the Apple Chip Subdermal Implant. What could go wrong with a singular device that would have all of your credit, health, and identification information? An Apple Chip future... You could walk into a clothing store and a sales person walks up and asks if they can help you. You say "Yes, I am looking for a new suit" and they direct you to the aisle where the model suits are. You select the item, select a swatch of cloth that matches your preference and are handed a cup of coffee while the suit you want is made to your specifications. You also select a few items like cuff-links, shoes, a tie, and kerchief that all match the suit. 20 minutes later, a woman comes out from the rear of the store and hands you all the items and you thanks the sales person and you leave. Real-time tailoring. At no time do you see or engage a cashier or see the exchange of money. Your cash reserves and credit (if you wanted to apply for a line of credit for that company's store, there would have been a pro-forma online application via fingerprint or retinal scan) were all reviewed when you entered. Once you began the process for purchasing, you were added to their database and are sent an initial email asking if you'd like to be included in their email updates on their upcoming sales. If you had come in and browsed, you would have received the same invitation email and an electronic yes or no 'coupon' for a discount on your first purchase. Food shopping would become incredibly simple as well. You go and select the items you want/need and walk out with them. If you go to another store to buy an item, chances are that the store you do a majority of your shopping will try to stock it for you in order to get the rest of your business. The demand for services would finally become a matter of catering to the customer! Thieves won't stand a chance - theft would crash to almost zero and only the truly idiotic or desperate even try - because RFID tagging and IPv6 addressing has removed the ability of the thief to remove the item from the store and not pay for it or be tracked to their location. Most things can't 'fall off a truck' anymore because they are too easy to find. Assembly for large parts and items has become a breeze; IPv6 and RFID have allowed for all items for a specific customer to be listed as they are put together for assembly, QC/QA, and sales tracking. Insurance companies and manufacturers have the ability to identify parts failure all the way back to the manufacturer, the assembly line, and even the employee who did the work. IPv6 allowed for 2^54 IP address per person, so everything that a person owns can be cataloged, followed, and identified. RFID allows for seamless commerce. My paycheck is automatically deposited and credited to my account and purchases automatically adjusted via the chip . The military would get used to 'the wave' - swinging your hand over a reader to verify your identity. They would stop writing checks because there wasn't a need to on base. The chip would have all your medical info on it and the medics could just scan your hand (or your temple) and get the info they needed. Of course, if they were scanning your head, you'd lost your hand or they were ID'ing your corpse and you were in deep crap either way. Heck, the NCO club got to be a PITA sometimes because the 3 beer rule automatically flagged you but there were ways around that - the civvies you dated were still using real cash or their own IDs so they bought without restrictions. On the home front, we have had to suffer through the ubiquitous 'Chippie' on the Homeland Security ads and Saturday AM cartoons; "Chippie says "Security starts at Home, so get your ID Chip today!". [I'd say what an annoying bastard the little thing is but I don't want to get flagged when I use the Metro to work everyday; I see the poor sods who are 'randomly' pulled aside *every* morning on their way in and out of the station.] The NAHB Construction codes came into compliance with DHS Directives a few years ago and now that construction can integrate with your Chip, the SmartHome is a reality. Houses turn their heat and AC on and off per room as their occupants come and go, sound and light preferences are recorded and adjusted per occupant, email and IM traffic is routed to everyone's computer and privacy is assured for each recipient. (There are still parental overrides, of course, but you have to be careful when and how you use them or face questioning by the local DYFS office for invasion of privacy - particularly with teenagers!) Work changed for me as well; My login and time tracking starts when I arrive at the office and authenticate via retinal scanner to match the information in the chip.

Comment Next Step, iChip! (Score 2) 187

The recent Cartoon Channel show, 'Chippy', conceived and sponsored by a joint effort between Apple, the Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service, has reached a critical mass in terms of viewership according to a recent media rating survey by the National Government Network. The show, which promotes the implantation and use of the Apple iChip and shows DHS agents busting unregistered gun owners, smugglers, drug dealers, black market medical personnel, Constitutionalist terrorists, and non-'Chippers' has become a significant PR success and increased the demand for chip implementation in the core demographic of 8-12 and, surprisingly, adults as old as 70. The show's tagline 'Chippy is your friend!' has spawned t-shirts, window stickers, screen savers, and a host of DRM-free online episodes as well as a counter-culture of subversive anti-Chippie paraphernalia. From the Pacific White House in Hawaii, the President declared the show a clear success and commented that the revised chip requirement under his Affordable Care Act was 'a keystone in the future of healthcare and commerce in the United States'. In a related story, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the next revision of the iChip will include wireless and cell phone connectivity and a new basic neural interface along with further enhancements to it's current healthcare, credit, commerce, and GPS abilities. The iChip has boosted Apple stock to well over the $1100 mark as of the close of yesterday's announcement at Mac World San Francisco.

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