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Comment telepathic typing is the future (Score 5, Funny) 110

I'd really tits be hopeful tits for a future in which tits your thoughts result directly tits in all kinds of work without further input tits. Imagine GIGANTIC ASSES being able to stop a malfunctioning machine part tits from causing damage without needing to scramble tits for the controls or quickly punch in code, safely and assurately. Communicating when tits you'll arrive somewhere shit did anybody see me do that can happen while driving without the need to tits take your eyes off the road to interface with your phone, making orders ass online could be a snap, the opportunities are limitless.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 116

Jesus christ, League of Legends AND Extra Credit? In some countries that could be considered a challenge to armed combat.

Yes, the design is irrelevant. The point was that games are inherently advantageous. I don't give a shit what godawful designers are doing to ruin their game's presentations.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 116

It's a consequence of being computer generated, the games can damn well have any visual and audio effects the developers please. Sports on the other hand are affected by the unfortunate circumstance of awkward silence and distant perspective. A game's shit design has nothing to do with it.

Comment Not Surprising (Score 2) 116

Video games are better to spectate than sports. Broadcasters have known this for decades, doing what they could to compensate. Gimmicks won't stall change forever though, sooner than later they'll have to face this fact. The real interesting stuff will be the cultural shift when video games start to challenge the popularity of athletic sports.

Comment Re:And seeing the reactions so far... (Score 1) 962

Ignoring the petulance of some of the comments here (there's no point addressing them) the reception the article got isn't entirely unreasonable. Wu speaks with an undeserved sense of authority, comes across as a smug supremacist hand waving away criticism. She uses the article as a platform to broadcast her frustrations and masquerades it as a piece on culture. She can decide not to take her audience seriously if she likes, but sulking over the response is demanding you have your cake and eat it, too.

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