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Comment Re:All-or-Nothing (Score 2, Insightful) 425

Regardless, Jobs' open letter still reeks of insincerity and self servitude. He knows that the record companies will not agree to reduced DRM restrictions and so simply passes the legal and media ball to them. Apple clearly wants to appropriate blame on the record companies to stop the European Union from going after them. Apple and Jobs are great at playing the media and this is a prime example of it.

There is a vast difference between the record companies and Apple's public relations - the record companies do not require public support to be successful businesses. Look at how much Sony screwed its customers over; only then did a boycott begin, one which probably had very little effect on their bottom line. Apple however probably want to avoid being associated with restrictive and heavy handed licensing as they can see what harm it has had on Microsoft's image. In the end Jobs' letter was a simple smoke and mirrors game to even out the blame across the whole industry, with DVD Jon's comments being proof of this.

The problem is without more details on the agreement Apple has with the record companies, it is impossible to know if Apple are playing fair or not.

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