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Comment Content, NOT Interactivity (Score 1) 839

I have to agree with the overall content sentiment. I'm dismayed by the lack of an a la carte option for television. Honestly, I'd gladly pay for a channel that did nothing but just play re-runs of classic sci-fi series. Also, the few sports events I do watch, I'd prefer to be able to purchase individually (or even in bulk as a season). All of this, sans commercials, I would gladly pay a premium for; if only for the privilege of being able to do so.

Unfortunately, it looks like companies want to expand television into the interactive realm. While I can see a few possible improvements here, I don't think the television is the device for it (what's the advantage of having it in the television as opposed to a tablet PC?). I certainly don't look forward to media companies leering behind my television, waiting with frothing mouths and sweaty palms to harvest my clicks and present me with more ads for shit I couldn't possibly want any less.

Comment Why is There Such a Conceptual Disconnect? (Score 1) 341

I agree with Adams to an extent. Why is there such a huge conceptual disconnect between The Constitution, and technology? Super PACs, the repeal of Glass-Steagel, Countrywide's contribution to the financial meltdown, Ted Stevens, etc... are all evidence that there are very real problems with our political system. I don't think technology is a silver bullet, but our political system is right out of the 1700's (with duct tape and bubble gum here and there). Why is travel necessary for campaigning? Why isn't there a group verifying what politicians have done/voted on as well as facts underlying their arguments?

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