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Comment Now seriously! (Score 4, Interesting) 74

The notion of birds calculating the fractal dimension of a prospective mate's feathers seems about as farfetched as baseball fielders calculating the exact mathematical damped parabolic path of the ball to work out where to put their hand. It also indicates that if true, birds are much nerdier than my physicist friends and should in theory have less chance of getting a date. As such, this theory is debunked by birds not being extinct through lack of mating! I do buy the notion that birds could see the effect without doing the maths though.

Comment Avoid..? (Score 1) 256

Did we really avoid it? Did we jump out of the way? Did we cunningly hide behind something or choose not to bother going round the sun this time to avoid doom? No. If the small lumps of rock missed us without intervention then we certainly didn’t do any avoiding. So really what happened is: Orbit A had an interestingly (if you find a lump of rock interesting) proximity to orbit B.

Comment Shatters when cold (Score 4, Informative) 161

Taking chocolate to the other extreme, dunking it in liquid nitrogen makes it shatter. I learnt a lesson that should not be repeated... Don't eat cryo cooled chocolate. When it shatters in your mouth it's like having a mouth full of cold knives. However after a while and some whimpering it did melt - so hurrah for melty chocolate!

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