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Comment Re:Wait a minute.. (Score 1) 203

I have to agree.. until people's bloody fridges become just a touch more intelligent. Nobody needs a fridge that will accept instructions from Chechnya or Nigeria. Internet protocols are woefully obsolete. WHy aspoofing hasn't been completely eradicated is beyound me, and I don't wan't my fooking dishwasher to be able to relay dDos action. Period.This is all Boolsheet. A disastrous overlooked concern that should have been a priority for dealing with, a decade ago. Instead, everybody's spent all their time drooling over the latest smart frikkin this and smart that. So maybe security ain't glamorous. Deal with it, and get on the train. NOW!

Comment Anyone even know what "Bricked" means anymore? (Score 1) 178

I did read the submission carefully, but nowhere did it say the PC could no longer be wiped clean and reinstalled, implying that the hardware was fine. Or was "bricked" just used in the title as clickbait?
Sorry to be pedantic, but we're all supposed to be geeks here on /. and yet NOBODY pointed out the inaccurate use of the word.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

Well. he's NOT a lawyer, a judge, an md or a member of city council. He's a tech guy. So he used the tools he had to fight back with. End of story. Although.. maybe , instead, he should have gone directly after the offending MD and, you know, cancelled his credit card, membership at the golf club, had a repossess on hiis BMW .. ;-)

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

What makes it so horrible, and how would anyone even know that since firsthand experience would, by definition, kill you? Wouldn't it be the same as drowning? Which is, by all accounts, a very pleasant experience. And I get that rats are kind of cute (to some people) when you've got ONE in a cage, and that they domesticate well, (amazingly enough, they really do!) , but if you've got a rat problem , like I have, the cuteness thing wears a little thin. They will completely destroy your place, chew up your plumbing trying to get water, and chew up all your electrical wiring , creating a terrible fire hazard. If rats don't chew ALL the time their teeth grow at a fantastic rate, so they have to chew, And they will chew ANYTHING even tubes of toxic ointment, with impunity. And NOTHING kills them, They eat rat poison for breakfast and ask for seconds. The dry ice method is one I'd try if I could get at them, but they're in the walls of my trailer. I've been using lysol spray so they can't smell the tracks to get asround, and certain members of the mint family are supposed to be very effective at repelling them. Any one know a GOOD repellant that always works? No, ultrasound doesn't, unfortunately. I need them GONE!

Comment Re:Now that this has attracted media coverage... (Score 1) 337

and he'll do 10 years in a supermax.

Yeah. If he wasn't a hardened criminal before (and he wasn't, of course), he will be after he gets out of a high security prison. He'll be forced to hang around ruthless violent criminals and malicious types for years straight, and when he finally gets out, he'll have a record that will prevent him from ever obtaining most any decent job (because this is America - we don't believe in rehabilitation anymore).

There's a reason prison is sometimes called "con college".

..and he'll never pick up another bar of soap again in his life!

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 140

When every succeeding generation is playing with less of a deck than the predecessor then what else could one expect? Make stupid people, people will use things for stupid reasons.

At the rate grammar is collapsing (not to mention spelling) each succeeding generation will be so increasingly stupid that eventually they will no longer be able to write, probably saving us all from horribly misspelt and worded words and phrases. Not to mention unreadable comments and articles. Even (especially) in /.

Comment Re:Breakthough use of new technology always = porn (Score 1) 92

You just know 13-year old boys are going to use this to look at the magazines in plastic wrappers.

Well, at least that's more believable than the bullshit cover story of using this to catalog ancient textbooks.

This will be used and abused as a spy tool, first and foremost. It's practically inevitable. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this technology disappears from headlines as quickly as it appeared.

...And disappears from MIT ;-) And from public memory. ....Hey, what were we just talking about? Something to do with... books.. radios? I can't seem to remember.. Must not have been important then..!

Comment Re:fucking BS headlines (Score 1) 130

Perhaps.. but it's hardly "breaking news" either. In fact it HAS been shown years ago now that the moon can *trigger* earthquakes during full and new moons. Land tides are hardly a newly discovered phenomenom . So a study that says the moon has an impact on the size of quakes is simply another stiudy to bolster evidence of the moons influence. But..... :yawn: When we have that nasty EQ here in the pacific NW maybe I'll look up at the moon..while the tsunami wipes out everything lower than 300 feet... :-(

Comment Re:What a waste! (Score 1) 87

This is incredibly wasteful. We know that bacteria are developing antibiotic resistance and that it's a big problem. Why would you help bacteria develop more antibiotic resistance, especially for a video? This is an asinine waste of antibiotics and contributes to the danger of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

OK, maybe you saw the original snarky submission title "Submission: Scientists create invincible super bacteria in order to make a cool video":
I'm sure the actual presentation title is a bit more realistic.. "WATCH: Bacteria Invade Antibiotics And Transform Into Superbugs". And it wasn't wasted. The article comes out with some surprising conclusions, such as, it being discovered that previously impossible studying of bacterial progress was now possible with the 4 foot petri dish, and the even more surprising discovery that the faster growing non-resistant bacteria choke off the superbugs, which is very useful knowledge..
It wasn't done "just" to make a video.. it's just mr snarky's submission byline that implies such.. WHen will people Ever grow up, I wonder?

Comment Re:Goodbye, World Wide Web. (Score 1) 282

Wow. I really am floored by your qurestion. "What's so bad about that?" Because the entire worldwide web only exists because of hyperlinks. Once they can be controlled, limited, or even just threatened with action, the internet as we know it will go back to the pre- Google days. OK, pre search engine, period, Google being a latecomer. Instead, then, unless you know the 12 character internet address of the information site you want, you're SOL... And never mind remembering and entering IPv6!
And, copyright is the preferred way of invoking censorship. Just by linking to any kind of information that the party wants kept hidden, they can stop you. Threaten you. Read, information blackout. Just like before there was ever the 'net, never mind the WWW.
No, this is A Really Really Bad Thing...

Comment Re:"could not recall" (Score 1) 409

Hmm .. Obama "Change you can believe in". Indeed. He sure changed a lot..he didn't lie.
But with Hillary.. :"Change you can be investigated in" .. And yup.. she's being investigated for her "changes' to her emails...
And so what about The Donald? "Change you can invest in" ?. If you've got a spare million..

Comment Re:It's about time... (Score 1) 193

I'd have to agree. Just how much is relaying ubderground news worth to you? If it really s that important (which it is) then you chouldn't be coopted by advertising anywauys.. Monetization can only dilute your mnessage by steering ou towards picking stories that wiol earn you money, instead of picking the truth, even if unpopular.

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