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Comment It's all just too easy nowadays... (Score 1) 467

There's no challenge anymore. No mods permitted anymore, and no mod sites. doesn't matter if it were mac or pc, although usually we all had both, and often a third OS running on (usually) a pc.. although I had BeOS on a mac.. No thrill of successfuly connecting via dialup to a BBS, etc etc. It feels a bit of a loss.It's all just too easy nowadays...

Comment Re: So is this another study that doesn't ... (Score 1) 125

State dependance is very real. When we wrote, and rehearsed, material with the last major band I was in, we smoked quite a bit oif the ol ganja. But even though we had our parts down, when performiing live I absolutely could not remember how these tunes started out at all, among other problems, until we had some herb. Basically until several bars went by I had to fake it Of course after 100 times of playing them I finally got it, but basically, if we wrote it while smoking, we had to perform it wafter smoking. It was also the same with alcohol.. except in this case, when I was a regular drinker, I needed a couple of pints or my playing suffered. Apparemnly it was the same with other musicians I talked to...
The thing was, when I cut back on drinking to only occasionally having a pint, I found my playing suffered after a few pints, whereas before easily twice as much actually improved it. Herb, however, still improved the groove even if I only occasionally indulged. *if* I could remember where I was in the tune and didn't get lost ;-)

Comment Re:This is extortion (Score 1) 228

This is extortion. It's one thing to disclose leaked information to expose corruption, which is something good journalists do. However, journalism doesn't involve using leaked information as leverage to make demands. That is called extortion or blackmail. Wikileaks has shown that, at best, it's a criminal organization. I'm dismayed that so many people at Slashdot always rush to defend Wikileaks and Julian Assange in articles like these. It says a lot about the complete lack of character of most of the users on this site, which is also why there is so much tech-related crime. All of you should he ashamed of yourselves.

Yes, it's true that it is extortion. The question becomes, then, is it ever justified? I think, when you are dealing with either corrupt entities, or entities that pervert the legal system to meet their needs at the expense of the public, it may well BE justified. Nothing is ever set in stone, except for the 10 commandments (whioh is where the saying "set in stone" originated, after all).

Comment Re:Redundant (Score 1) 141

Have you TRIED ever unsubbing? Even with "respectable" publications such as certain computer publications, it seem to have no effect whatsoever. And these other ones that automatically pass your email to all their other associated pubs, and I find myself unsubbing the same ones over and over. And it's a lot of them

Comment Re: Basic ettiquette pays I guess (Score 1) 113

You heard "Merry Christmas" more this year than in previous years? It seems like it wasn't too many years that Bill O'Reilly invented the "War on Christmas". Comedians had fun mocking him because, you know, everybody still said Merry Christmas despite his angry rants to the contrary. I guess all it took was an even angrier man to claim even louder that there was a war on Christmas---but don't worry, we won!---before everybody "remembers" it actually happening. I guess next week we'll all suddenly remember how we've always been at war with Eastasia, whereas Eurasia has always been our ally. If we're lucky, unemployment might even drop to 15%!

I, like most every non-unicorn-riding American, have no problem with the phrase Merry Christmas. However, if a store clerk told me to have a "blessed day", it would probably evoke the same feelings in me as if said clerk stared inappropriately at my daughter.

Actually,if they said that, I'd be looking for their mennonite hat hid under the customer service desk..."Goodbye.. Kind sir.. and have a blessed day" "And, please do not trip over my dead mother on your way out"! Frankly, it reminds me of most of Steven King's novels...
        But, as concerns "Merry Christmas", Merry Xmas is as offensive to Christians as if you told a Jewish person "Happy Hanky" instead of "Hannukah:". "Christmas" , after all, is a "Christian" holiday.. Don't like it, then just say "Happy Yuletide" or something...

Comment Re:Not use it? (Score 1) 141

Do you have any suggestions for such alternatives?

Er...I've heard there's some german system.. name escapes me.. And some other american system.. name escapes me, as well. I think I've made my point...
Most vendors only offer PP anyways, so the whole "policy update" appears to me to be, in addition to a rate update, a "talk nicely about usor you're gonna be TOAST!"

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

Yeah, but.. they ARE banning it just about everywhere. They've already had these laws here in BC for years.. Pubs and taverns cried foul, but their business has only dropped 40%, and they eventually found loopholes such as smoking outside in a patio, away from any door, which keep getting shut down, the ashtrays eventually returned to the doorways when it was found that the streets were suddenly littered with butts. The crack industry is now booming as it is the only employment left, because the monthly income's support on disability is almost less than a month's pack a day , although most people on disability harvest butts.
See? There's always a way, where there's a will....

Comment Re:Until the money runs out... (Score 1) 210

I've been using DDG since the day it first came out. Not very often, until recently, precisely because of, as you say, the "quality of their results". These have improved significantly, but not enough, yet, for me to use it as my go-to search engine. Although, mostly out of habituation, I still have Google as my home page on my browsers, fact is, for searches, I usually use ixQuick, which I'm surprised to see nobody has mentioned, yet, here on SD. You've done a great explanation of DDG here, and due to physical limitations I'm not able to type as exhaustive a description of ixquick, but the quick description is it acts as a "shim" between your browser and Google, so Google only ever sees the ixquick request, and nothing else. It then hands over the results to ixquick, or "start page" as it is also known, which then strips out all the tracking info, and hands over results without any "personalization" , meaning you het ALL the results, not just the ones that Google thinks you might want the most.
I've probabl;y done a poor job explaining it all, but there's an easy and clear explanation on their "start page" (
Between DDG and ixQuick I feel pretty much covered..

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