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Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

If the suggestion you proferred had been implemented 40 or so years ago, we now would have, IMHO, 75% less crime, taxes would be significantly lower, we would still have a thriving middle class, the entire country would never haver been duped into the scam called "trickle down", there would still be a significant amount of thriving small businesses, the military industrial complex would never have been able to profit from a growing sense of dissatisfaction in society, the CIA would not have been able to pay for all these contra guns by pushing crack into all these poor neighborhoods because there would be less coconuts, and maybe we would not now be only days away from nuclear war..
Remember sticky tape on the windows and duck, roll, and cover!

Comment Lightspeed's (Score 1) 136

I was quite into modding windows 3.1 (and Widows NT 3.1 and 3.51as well) at the time (late 90s) and had it running really well, plus a few really rare releases of programs that normally would nerver have run on it. So I frequented these pages that dealt with that.
Oh, and Nathan's page with the flames and IE is Evil! Needless to say it was a well designed if basic site,,,

Comment Re:Peekabo? (Score 2) 156

You know what? It kind of makes me very angry.. The joke "they'll be dead before the networks ever okay a B5 update" just doesn't seem at all funny anymore. And holy f@#$.. He was only around my age. Somehow I always thought I was younger than the cast of the show...

Comment Re:Don't believe it (Score 1) 156

Garibaldi was awesomely acted by Doyle and he will be missed. RIP. Too young to die at age 60.

Time to binge B5 for my respects. I would love to see a prequel called "B4", mostly because I like puns. Any remake would be able to examine closely the tropes of POV and "anyone can die" as they reimagine the series as a space epic. Game of Thrones in space is something that could potentially get a huge audience and would definitely be welcomed by all.

The prequel would likelly disappear before it got finished....

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

Yeah but you're Canadian, and we traditionally tend to adopt early and use better technology when we adopt because we don't ALWAYS go with the ultra lowest bidder, unlike the states. So here in Canada everything "just works". Case in point. Cable TV and internet. in 1980 I phoned in to a radio station in, I think Seattle.. "How are you possibly receiving us? the DJ asked bewilderdlty.. "Why, cable , of course". He was stunned. "You have CABLE ACCESS up there???" Why sure. Doesn't everybody?
And in1996 the biggest problem in having cable internet was that Windows had no drivers for it. Or so it seemed. I hadn't yet switched to Apple until the next year, so didn't know that they did...
I stopped using dialup in 1997. Some people in the states are STILL on it!

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