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Comment Re:Except for a few major acts (Score 1) 171

The record company most certainly does NOT pocket the sales. They have absolutely no legal right to do so. It's the management that collects the income.. and according to any agreement they have made previously with the artists they split the proceeds, usually with an unusually generous cut for management. Unlkess you're Kiss, merchandise makes shit for proceeds. In fact, toiuring is , or at least has been in the past, according to the old system, is the only income the band makes until uit pays off the loan from the Record company. Things are somewhat different now, with artists having so muchh more input and control over their management and the label usually being independant. People signed via the classic major label method, such as, say, Hip Hop artists , still go through the old system though...

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

Bu... But... it's..it's.. far *left* extremism. It's a completely different thing. When the right says "i want to beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown" they actually mean "i want to beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown".. but when the far left says "i want to beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown" it's just their way of saying hello! ... Before they.. um.. beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown... They'll probably try to "readjust" you first by subjecting you to prime time slop and, or, 12 hours straight of Obama speeches all day.. just like the DPRK residents must suffer with "Glorious leader" all hours of the day. Everywhere. And it can't be turned off. A dream state for ultra left wingers!

Comment Re:what global warming? (Score 1) 284

I am just stunned that techies, who should hyave the capability of logical reasoning, really get nothing of the whoole climate change thing.
So here's the grade school version, for the majority of /. readers that never finished it,. apparently.
The WEATHER is what makews some winters really hot, and others record cold. The weather can change , but it is the severity of the weather that *Climate* change affec ts.
The CLIMATE is tha major average over 10 to 100 year timesppans. It's perfectly normal to have a deadly heat spell in the weather for months or even a few years , even if the *climate* is cooling down. And the reverse, it's evtirely possible to have record setting colds winters while the climate shows increases in global temperatures.
The statistics show, without any possibility of error, that the average temperature of ALL the planets in our solar system are increasing. The tempperature on earth is increasing faster, is all. There;s no question that all that pollution from factories, and methane from pig farms and billions of litres of cow flatulence, is making it worse. And no question that the oceans are warming, causing the methane in the sea floor to be released. So all that fresh water entering the ocean from higher global temps will stop the gulf stream, causing Europe and eastern US to go into a deep freeze, and then the albedo effect will make the rest of the planet go into a deep freeze. And THIS is data that has already been known since the late 60s!
And next, the "pole shift" idiocy. Yes, the "poles" are moving at a faster rate than ever seen before. But it's NOT going to make england suddenly nice and tropical, nor will it "flood the coasts with mile high tidal waves" , something I read over and over. The pole that's moving is the MAGNETIC pole. And it isn't moving ANYTHING except compasses and GPS settings and airline markings.
When the PHYSICAL poles do shift, you won''t be seeing a video about it by Begley . You'll probably be under a mile of water. And actually, the rapid crustal displacement theory doesn't suggest the poles themselves move, rather that the plates slide over the magma by almost 15.

Mmm.. Magma!

Comment Re:Ho ho ho (Score 1) 35

No it's not just porn. Anfd it's not just russia. Basically every video download site . There's a lot of old movies (I love pre '66 movies!) that have gone public, but sleazy video distributers still download them and try to sell them, and if someone tries to post it on youtube, they file a notice, even tho they have no rights to it. The only alternative then becomes one of these doewnload sites like openload or others like it. Complete with virus message. Of course to can do a force quit, but the fact is it happns..a lot. One time I noticed several hundred additions to my history and didn;'t know what was causing it.. but now I know. Chrome will never patch it on my os becaus it's 5 years old and chrome deprecated it. I can't upgrade because my it's the last version my apps will run on. and I';m not ready to dish out several grand for up to date versions. No free update for mine.. i.e. photoshop... OK, eventually I will find out how to run OSX 10.6 in a seamless virtual window on OSX10.11, but haven't yet...then I'll simply sandbox it and usr 1.11 for the net. By which time chrome just might path the bug... maybe ;-)

Comment Re: Daesh is depreciatory (Score 1) 247

"May I call you Ludo, Ludo? There's good in everyone, Ludo...even the French"
Hard to believe that 30 years ago this line was not only NOT censored by the BBC, but even was also one of France's most popular series. The Iron lady said it was her favorite series.
Now? It would be "fomenting hate" This fu%^$g xenophobia and "political correctness" has got to stop. If someone from another culture does something wrong or illegal, we;ve got to be able to call them out on it, without being scared of stepping on their tender tootsies...

Comment Re:You are entering a carbon-friendly area (Score 1) 693

There seem to be two camps in the "deniers"... one is the bunch that claim that it isn't happening at all, that it's a hoax.. these are the noisy idiots that make anyone who takes issue with climate change to be all nuts.. and then, however, there's the second group.. who do NOT deny any of the data or that climate change is , in fact, occurring, but take issue only with the claim that it is entirely due to man made influence. This group , rightly, points out that ALL the planetary bodies in our solar system have had an increase of the same percent, despite the fact that we do NOT inhabit these planets. We, however, are brushed off along with the kooks and crazies without having our evidence being given fair consideration.
  This is disturbing, since if something OTHER than mankind is causing a solar system wide change , perhaps this deserves serious attention.

Comment Re:How would I know if my home router is infected? (Score 2) 56

I have two routers. Ones a Zytel provided by the phone company and then I also have one of the russian make one (TP / Archer).

How would I know if they are part of the botnet?

Pretty simple. If they still have their default passwords they're almost surely part of it. Just change the password to a good strong one, and you should instantly be off the botnet. At least that seems to me the right approach..+

Comment Re:Yeah, by hardening our defenses you morons (Score 1) 396

The Clinton camp wants war with Russia.. although God knows why. And if they can't get it by hook, they'll get it by crook. Making bogus accusationns re hacking is required before they can retaliate. The whole thing is a fraud from the beginning. Russia doesn't give a F*%K about the DNC. It's only American arrogance to think the rest of the world is watching every move, and to see when Killary does another face plant into the sidewalk.. Well, OK , maybe they ARE waiting to see that..

Comment Re:If you beleive in the simmulation hypothesis th (Score 1) 1042

Logically if this is a simmulation then one would guess that the players controlled by external overlords would be the most powerful sims. that is to say movie stars or Tech billionaires or Trump like dictators.

Thus your highest calling if you and under-sim is to go be a groupy to one of the "real" players.

So it's a little strange to hear the Real players asking to be broken out of the Simulation. Something is fishy here.

"simulated" fishy. Actually, am I to understand that simulated billionairs with simulated money are asking simulated scientists to use simulated technology to break us out odf a computer simulation? Am I even commenting on a real /. or a simulated one?

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 843

Yeah.. I don't see Trump being able to effect much, if any at all, change. The rot is spread far too deep, and if, once elected, he ever becomes too much of a pest for the rotters in the "shadow government", they WILL find a way to get rid of him. Even if it's not very pretty. The truth is, that in John Titor's timeline, the government had become so corrupt and dictatorial that all out civil war (Real war!) was the only way out. And it DID go nuclear. Interestingly enough, he was emphatic about not saying what color or sex the president was.. which could either indicate that BHO stayed in via martial law, or killary won despite everything.
I think Titor should have been taken a whole lot more seriously, if only because of his surprise at the twin towers still standing. This was in1999, ande the only time he let things slip, as he was usually VERY careful about not polluting our timeline. His timeline just occurred 15 years earlier than ours, is all...

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