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Comment Re: Justice? (Score 1) 299

It's called bribes, you moron. The U.S. dangles all this money and aid, and expects "cooperation" in future endeavours. Back room deals are a staple of "diplomacy"; it's the stuff you don't hear about on the news that you should be afraid of.

Of course, the countries don't "have to" accept it, but they often do, because it's free money, an easy avenue into the lucrative U.S. trade market, and sometimes they even provide the lube, so it don't hurt quite so much. The U.S. is sometimes "nice" in that regard.

"Sometimes they even provide the lube"
LOL! Thanks for that! I needed a laugh.. I was starting to get really frustrated reading about all this sickening behavior from the "Purveyors of denmocracy and freedoms".
Hmmm.. afterthought.. What would they consider the best lube to allow US to enter via the back door most easily?

Comment Re:Betteridge's law (Score 1) 299

So if I Google kickass torrents and Google returns a link to their site, shouldn't Google be prosecuted as an accessory?


I'm sorry, but I seriously disagree, I think YES. However, the alternative would be censorship, which I can't countenance either. And as far as the "Mastermind" behind KAT.. Seriously? Mastermind? And how is it that the US government hat authority in Poland, anyways, of all places? That they can just enter any country with immunity and arrest someone? Shouldn't that be illegal? Or do all these countries just let 'em in with open arms?
This whole thing stinks worse than a rat's nest...

Comment Re:Somebody didn't get the memo... (Score 1) 279

No, I don't know how to fix it.

I think I do. Lets start by stopping to glorify PhD`s and the Ivory Tower. Stop requiring post-doc for liberal professions like engineering and computer science [among others]. Lets put Platonism aside and return to the good old empirical approach. Lets appreciate the reasoning of independent thinkers. Lets recognize that many a drop-out have contributed more than academic prima donnas for the tech world we live in. These things would make up for a good start.

"Many a drop out have contributed..." I don't know why I *immediately* thought of Steve Jobs...

Comment Re:Somebody didn't get the memo... (Score 1) 279

Aw, man.. that takes it and just chucks it right outa the window. I was just about to phone God (on a BBerry, natch) with a text message to tell him He's out of a job.. now that mankind's taken over the "free will" bizness. Text message is right, right? Isn't that the "hip" way to fire people these days? Or is it just techs that get fired that way?
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Comment Re:What a retard (Score 1) 406

He's also a dick. Lots of journalists visit these sites to report on what they find. If they couldn't then absolutely nobody except , say, the CIA, would haver the slightest idea what's going on.
Oh rats. That's the whole idea, I think... What worries me is some other retard will introduce and maybe even pass this as a bill.. fattened with the appropriate pork, of course.
I want to go back to the free and easy days of Orwell's 1984!

Comment Re:Well, of course it is! It's the damn government (Score 1) 188

Up here in the Great White North it appears to be legal to robocall folks that the voting location has changed when it hasn't, or that the day is wrong etc etc on behalf of the ruling gov't. At least they make a noise in the beginning (after the election!) and slowly the whole thing is forgotten. US could learn a thing or two about successful corruption from us here!
Not sure how well the boy that's the current PM will work out..

Comment Re:Putin's political opponents are lucky (Score 1) 166

Or Chairman Mao, or the Queen and the Kaiser etc etc etc .... why be so closed minded ?

IT is funny that a Republican in Missouri used a picture of Mao Zedong to try and imply that his Democratic opponent was supporting Chinese partners.. which is ridiculous because Mao Zedong has been dead since 1976. Someone somewhere has been trying to rewrite history for too long and needs to check what decade they are in!

He may be dead, but his legacy lives on. And on. And on...

Comment Re:Putin's political opponents are lucky (Score 1) 166

Yup, this.

Also: Putin's trying to keep up with the JonesesUncleSams's .

Also: In Soviet Russia, people are starting "In Capitalist USA, ..." jokes.

Yup, this.

Also: Putin's trying to keep up with the JonesesUncleSams's .

Also: In Soviet Russia, people are starting "In Capitalist USA, ..." jokes.

WHoosh! In Capitalist USA the jokes make more people

Comment Re:Putin's political opponents are lucky (Score 1) 166

What makes you think that Russia is different from the USA? Just 'cause they have it doesn't mean you get it.

To me it looks like 6 of one and a half a dozen of the other. For all intents and purposes Russia is enacting precisely the same legislation as the USA. And that's hardly surprising. International "harmonization" of their legal codes is a key goal of the NWO... It needs to be so before they "blend" all the countries into their great monster country.. then there would be no point in trying to escape a tyrannical regime as there would be nowhere to go.

Comment Re:And we criticise China? (Score 1) 167

Next they will censor "hate". That would include such things as pro-Trump sites based on the headlines the MSM constantly putting forth. An awesome tool for controlling the minds of the masses.

It's not censorship. It's "content filtering". You're entirely permitted to re-enable the most disgusting slime if you should so desire. It's just that it' filtered "be default" . And it damn well SHOULD be. Censorship[ is en entirely different issue, and is a much bigger concern, as it generally is applied by corrupt democracies and totalitarian regimes alike. I'm sure that, just like the Americas, the UK, already does quite a bit of it, and the social networks do it as a matter of practice. And it's hard to tell as you never get to see what's being hidden...

Comment Re: Yawn (Score 1) 801

What leaks do you need? If what Comey said wasn't enough nothing will satisfy you. He said she's a total fuckwit but her last name is Clinton so his hands are tied.

Well, besides, it'd be more difficult to select her for president if she was facing charges. However, they may still go with the backup plan if she still proves to be too much trouble. Which is a 3 term president instead. "They" have all their bases covered. Even right down to a "wild card" that is really totally part of their group. Or should I say a "Trump card" ?

Comment Re:We did this to ourselves. (Score 1) 80

That still doesn't make the casino's fault. The gambler is only person to hold responsible, regardless who his "victims" are.

That's right. It's not the crack dealer's fault. They're just poor misunderstood victims, who ought to have support groups to deal with the terrible abuse heaped upon them from everybody for creating addicts....Instead, the blame lies solely with the addict. It's not like they're, you know, addicted. Right?

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