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Comment Re:Interesting technology (Score 1) 601

I stopped using tapes after the QIC-80 (80 MB, compressed 120 MB). Later had a brief affair with a DLT library, long enough to learn a DLT design flaw (when the plastic lip breaks off from a cartridge the drive it is inserted into is damaged, mechanically unhooked. Very funny in a multi drive robot library when the defective cartridge is passed around, Could not stop laughing for days). Anyway, have you tried tar?

Comment Re:Interesting technology (Score 1) 601

All true, and before the cassette player we used reel to reel devices, exhausting our funds for the tape. The teenage audience probably has more funds today, but also many more options to blow the cash. But it is the same situation for the content industry: they do not really loose money in this segment from pirating, maybe just a little. Equating a pirated copy with a lost sale is complete bs. I financed my first floppy drive with a bank loan and went ballistic when the copy protection schemes gnawed at its health. The kind of ballistic I later went when CD protection schemes lowered my quality of life and installed malicious sw on my computers. Never bought a CD again, they completely lost me as a customer at the turn of the century. I had plenty of vinyl and legally upgraded nearly everything to CD.

Comment Re:Interesting technology (Score 1) 601

well, 300bps was at the beginning of the 1980s, I upgraded to 1200bps around 1983. DEC Rainbow with 5MB disk a year later. Online pirating of movies or music still unthinkable then, since there was no (affordable) equipment to digitize, process or store such a huge amount of data. Basically the only stuff that was pirated was software. Throw in a few notorious cookbooks with recipes you needed to be a complete idiot to try them out. BBS was fun.

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