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Comment Re:NASA Proposes "Water World" Theory For Origin o (Score 2) 115

Tiamat In Mesopotamian Religion (Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian), Tiamat is a chaos monster, a primordial goddess of the ocean, mating with Abzû (the god of fresh water) to produce younger gods. It is suggested that there are two parts to the Tiamat mythos, the first in which Tiamat is 'creatrix', through a "Sacred marriage" between salt and fresh water, peacefully creating the cosmos through successive generations.

Comment Re:Knowledge (Score 1) 1037

The internet is just knowledge and opinions, like everything else in our minds, both are filled with lies. I feel that a better way to find faith is not to believe anything. 1. Don't believe anything i tell you. 2. Don't believe anything anyone else tells you. 3. Don't believe anything you tell yourself. The truth will withstand the test of skeptisicm, Know the truth and be set free.

Comment Which is worse? (Score 1) 564

Discrimination based on one's sexually or discrimination based one's religious/political beliefs? It's seems the discrimination of homosexuals has been replaced by discrimination against anyone who opposes gay marriage. http://hotair.com/archives/201... Which seems to be the majority of the people that voted for the ban because it passed.

Comment Gasification (Score 5, Interesting) 112

combine gasification generators with a nitrogen fixing energy rich wood like Robina pseudoacacia,which grows back faster and makes surrounding plants grow better after it is cut, planted around fruit trees and other useful species and then the act of harvesting wood makes plants grow and the act of generating electricity makes fertilizer. With the right generator http://www.cnet.com/news/carbo... there is only a positive environmental impact to the harvesting and generating of energy which when used in conjunction with a food/medicine forest http://www.beaconfoodforest.or... you have good hunting beautiful landscape and no reason to leave home. There are food forests around which are over 2000 years old still going and no one knows who planted them.

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