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Comment My $250 system build from Micro Center! (Score 4, Informative) 394

I've done quite a few system builds using this AMD bundle deal that Micro Center has had going on for some time now. Every single system works flawlessly, even the ones with the Powerspec case/power supply (more business if the PSU does fail, and I haven't seen one take a motherboard out yet.)

Phenom II X2 560 Black edition: $87.99
Biostar A780L3G AM3 760G mATX Motherboard: $FREE
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb SATA 6.0gbps: $49.99
Micro Center branded 2x2gb of DDR3 1333: $19.99
PowerSpec TX-381 Micro ATX Computer Case: $24.99
Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500w PSU: $37.99
Samsung 22x SATA DVD-RW drive: $21.99
Grand Total of $255.10 after tax.

You have an overclockable dual core CPU (I wouldn't push too far with the stock heatsink and with that motherboard, but a little bump to 3.6 GHz shouldn't be an issue.), better graphics than the system in the article, twice as much system memory (4gb vs. 2gb), an optical drive, an actual decent power supply, a case with a handle on it, and I could probably go on, but i'd hope you all get the point. A whole $45 more before tax, not including the lame $8 mail in rebate for the power supply. Definitely worth every penny, and this is all something you could pick up and have together in a couple hours assuming you have a store close to you. Most would likely pay $40+ for the convenience alone. I also didn't shop around too much. Better might be possible.

Comment Re:Don't like the idea of useing a cheap PSU with (Score 1) 394

Not only the power factor issue, but that "500w" power supply has a whole 18 amps available on the +12v rail. A whole 216 watts of power available. Go ahead and try to find even a decently built 350w with less amperage on the +12v rails. It won't be easy. I've seen far too many generic power supplies failing, taking other components out with them. I've seen MANY more cases of this than brand name power supplies taking out the motherboard when it fails, even if it was defective on the first power up. A little research on power supplies can go a long way.

Comment Re:UPS Rings Doorbells? (Score 2) 363

Back in 2005 when I finally decided to upgrade to a 250gb SATA drive, I first saw it being flung over my fence into the front yard in what looked like a trash bag (possibly because it was raining?). I only knew to look outside because my dog went crazy. He goes nuts when he hears Fedex and UPS trucks--or anything that sounds like one. They did the whole black plastic bag with a box inside of it again sometime later that year, leaving it next to our mailbox, which happened to be right next to our trash pile. Good thing the trash guys didn't come before I found it :| Fedex from now on. UPS around here is terrible. On Topic: Nifty idea from a techy-teen. Wonder how this kind of tech could've influenced movies such as Home Alone? Sneak attack from behind?

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