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Comment Re:This is terrible (Score 0) 907

> It would explain the relatively small proportion of the population that atheism makes up, as well as why that small proportion is spread throughout the world with no great central region to call home.

Communists are, technically, atheists. China is a big region. Surely, atheists can call it home.

Comment Re:Autonomous vehicles (Score 1) 157

This is second successful trial of autonomous vehicles in traffic we've heard about (the first is Google). It's clear that technology is viable. It's clear what benefits it will give.

The arguments against this technology remind me the early days of the Web: it was widely believed by skeptics that no one will ever use the Web for commerce because (1) there's no framework for financial responsibility, (2) internet backbone is closed for commercial traffic, and (3) there is no accepted technical solution for HTTP encryption, and encryption packages are considered controlled technology by US government and are prohibited to be freely distributed. All these objections were solved or waived in a couple of years.

Comment Threats are not serious (Score 2, Insightful) 103

None of the described future attacks are feasible. Shared framebuffer is not accessible to applications directly for security reasons (authors think that this is "unfortunate"); direct access to framebuffer is not "inevitable" in the future -- much better technique is to use driver-controlled fast GPU blits: data doesn't leave GPU. Non-timesharing is non-issue -- driver can detect timeouts and reset hardware (TDR on Vista).

So the only issue is polymorphic virus that may use GPGPU decryption. If this happens, scanners will start using CUDA, or GPU virtualization.

Comment Re:The best part about in-browser GPU acceleration (Score 1) 360

Many (all?) modern GPUs have virtual addressing with page protection. Switching is handled by kernel mode driver (we are talking Vista+) and is not controllable from user space. Now we are talking KMD attack which is not different in principle from any Ring 0 driver code attack. Good luck!

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