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Submission + - Yahoo Stops Honoring 'Do-Not-Track' Settings (

An anonymous reader writes: When web browsers started implementing 'do-not-track' settings, Yahoo got some respect for being the first of the huge tech companies to honor those settings. Unfortunately, that respect has now gone out the door. As of this week, Yahoo will no longer alter their data collection if a user doesn't want to be tracked. They say there are two reasons for this. First, they want to provide a personalized web-browsing experience, which isn't possible using do-not-track. Second, they don't think do-not-track is viable. They say, '[W]e've been at the heart of conversations surrounding how to develop the most user-friendly standard. However, we have yet to see a single standard emerge that is effective, easy to use and has been adopted by the broader tech industry.' It looks like this is another blow to privacy on the web.

Comment Re:200% more? (Score 1) 935

This reminds me of a joke from early 90s "wild capitalism" era in Russia.

Two former classmates meet, one is a poor engineer, another is a "new russian" type cool businessman.
New Russian: Oh, great to see you, how are you doing?
Poor Engineer: Life sucks, no money etc. etc. But look at you... You were the stupidest student in the class, and look at you now. How do you do it?!
New Russian: Well, running business, you know. Buying beer kegs for $100, selling them for $200. This 2% margin is what I live on.

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