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Submission + - "Buy Now" Button Misleads Purchasers of Digital Media (latimes.com)

An anonymous reader writes: This new study by UC Berkeley finds that consumers think they have all sorts of rights in their digital media downloads that they do not. The study finds that the "buy now" button may be causing this confusion.

Submission + - House appropriators to mandate NASA send astronauts back to the moon (examiner.com)

MarkWhittington writes: Ars Technica reported that House version of the NASA funding bill for the next fiscal year will contain a complete change in the space agency’s space exploration strategy. The bill will defund NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission, which proposes to snatch a boulder from an asteroid and deploy in in lunar orbit to be visited later by astronauts. Instead, the bill will mandate that the space agency begin plans to return to the lunar surface in advance of the Journey to Mars.

Submission + - Neil deGrasse Tyson says it's 'very likely' the universe is a simulation (extremetech.com)

mspohr writes: ... At the most recent Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate.
His logic is indisputable:
"This is the crux of Tyson’s point: if we take it as read that it is, in principle, possible to simulate a universe in some way, at some point in the future, then we have to assume that on an infinite timeline some species, somewhere, will simulate the universe. And if the universe will be perfectly, or near-perfectly, simulated at some point, then we have to examine the possibility that we live inside such a universe. And, on a truly infinite timeline, we might expect an almost infinite number of simulations to arise from an almost infinite number or civilizations — and indeed, a sophisticated-enough simulation might be able to let its simulated denizens themselves run universal simulations, and at that point all bets are officially off."

Submission + - Interview with Python creator Guido van Rossum (techrocket.com)

zonekang writes: The guy who created Python talks about how got started with programming, and gives some advice to aspiring programmers: "Don’t do something you don’t enjoy just because it looks lucrative — that’s where the competition will be fiercest, and because you don’t enjoy it, you’ll lose out to others who are more motivated."

Submission + - Toonz Animation Software Being Open Sourced (cartoonbrew.com)

jones_supa writes: Toonz is a professional 2D animation software initially created for Silicon Graphics workstations. The software was later acquired by Microsoft and tailored for Windows, with a Mac version being available as well. Toonz has been used in rather big productions, such as Studio Ghibli's films and Futurama series. The animation package will be made free and open source beginning March 26, 2016. The deal was made possible after Japanese publisher Dwango acquired the Toonz software from Italian tech company Digital Video, which has been involved with the software since 1993. The new OpenToonz is dubbed Toonz Ghibli Edition because of all the interesting custom features that Toonz has developed over the years for the legendary Japanese studio. Some say that the open source release could have a potentially profound impact on the animation industry, and it's interesting to see if a Linux port will appear as well. Digital Video will continue to develop and market Toonz software, and will offer installation, configuration, training, support and customization services to studios. A premium version will continue to be sold at a "very competitive price" for companies who wish to invest in the customization of Toonz for major projects.

Comment Re:They're correct - because it's about survival (Score 1) 339

If they do this for the FBI (US Government) then any overseas government will ask for the same privilege/device. And No, they won't be sending the devices to the USA, the unlocking device will be in the country concerned.

Of course, Apple don't have to agree. Unless they want to keep doing business in that country.

Submission + - Linus Torvalds on Awesome Rant .. (gizmodo.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Christ people. This is just sh*t .. The conflict I get is due to stupid new gcc header file crap. But what makes me upset is that the crap is for completely bogus reasons .. A shiny function that we have never ever needed anywhere else, and that is just compiler-masturbation.

Submission + - Sea level rise on Northwest European Shelf caused by moon - not man

An anonymous reader writes: This recent (free-access) paper from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland uses a 160-year tidal gauge series from 26 stations in the Baltic Sea to show that the (global) sea level is completely governed by multi-decadal oscillations of the lunar cycle — superimposed on a unchanging and slow (1.2 mm/yr) sea level rise during that long period. The upside of studying the Baltic is that the daily tidal difference is very low in this region, which gives data with low noise. The final correlation coefficient with the lunar influence was 0.997, so not much room for anthropogenic global warming there.

The authors note in the end: "If our theory is correct and no unprecedented sea-level changing mechanism occurs during the ongoing nodal cycle, then the region’s ongoing sea-level rise (quasi-oscillatory rise since 1971) would be expected to culminate around 2011 and thereafter be falling. At the earliest, this prognosis can be empirically documented when the ongoing lunar nodal period is complete in 2020–21, i.e. within the next 6–7 years."

According to the Danish weekly ‘Weekendavisen’) the article was turned down by Nature, Nature Geoscience, Nature Climate, and the Nature-affiliated Earth Science Review before the authors turned to Journal of Coastal Research who happily accepted it. One of the authors, Jens Morten Hansen, believes the reason for Nature's rejection is that it does not fit with the IPCC political agenda.

Submission + - Planetary Society pushes for Mars orbital mission before NASA landing (examiner.com)

MarkWhittington writes: The Planetary Society announced Thursday the results of the “Humans Orbiting Mars” workshop that brought in a number of space experts to develop helpful suggestions for how NASA can fulfill its mandate to send humans to Mars in the 2030s and return them safely to the Earth. The plans is to send a mission to orbit Mars in 2033 in advance of the landing mission in the late 2030s. The workshop believes that this could be done for a NASA budget that increases about two percent a year after the International Space Station is decommissioned in 2024.

Submission + - An Interview With Chuck Peddle – Charismatic Chipmaking Coryphaeus (theamphour.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Chuck Peddle, inventor of the 6502 and the father of the personal computer revolution gets interviewed by the guys at Amp Hour. If you don't know who Peddle is it's time to educate yourself, so make a mug of tea, grab a pack of biscuits, and sit down and listen to the entertaining and insightful Chuck Peddle.

Submission + - SPAM: Online TV

An anonymous reader writes: jsTVBox is the ultimate media center to create freedom of your monthly TV, Movies, Entertainment Bill
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