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Comment Re:Nautilus (Score 2) 121

Update: I couldn't fix the shell extensions, so I gave up on Gnome (the alt+tab behavior was a deal-breaker) . I tried Cinnamon for the first time, and I was able to configure it just the way I need it. And Nemo has my beloved type-ahead, it is perfect! I guess I have to thank you, I was not planning on upgrading Gnome before your suggestion. :D

Comment Re:Nautilus (Score 1) 121

I wanted to upgrade my system* before I replied to you... I was using 3.18, now I've upgraded to 3.22: search still sucks. Before 3.6 it worked perfectly like I wanted, it emulated my terminal use case - I know there is a a folder named "stuff", so I type "cd s[tab][enter]" and there it, in less than half a second I'm there. With older nautilus I just typed "s[enter]" and there I was, same speed. But not anymore.

And I *did* report to the developers, like the hundreds of others who were sufficiently annoyed to voice their dissatisfaction. We were ignored. Now I rant on random websites, where people make a lot of assumptions about what others did or didn't.

* And now I'm back to fix all the gnome-shell extensions that stopped working, oh joy.

Comment Re:Does the AI know fear... (Score 3, Insightful) 87

We tried neural nets back then. Didn't work.

It seems it is you that are stuck in 1960, because connectionist techniques nowadays are nothing like that. And deep-learning has been breaking record after record, even achieving superhuman performance in some tasks. And deep-learning is just a smart math trick over the regular backprop algorithm, allowing more layers without degrading the error gradients. When the models that actually incorporate neuroscientific knowledge (current research) mature, expect even better performances.

And wtf, this "I tried once, I failed, I'll never try again" is surely a loser-talk.

Comment Re:Does the AI know fear... (Score 1) 87

Ah, that explains it... I haven't realized that was the origin of his statements, but I guess you're right. The irony in his "Oh so you know how the brain works?" is that I've actually been studying it for a long time, so yeah, I have a good idea about the generals. :p

But after the "Wow, when did you receive your Nobel?", it's easy to see how his brain works - it doesn't! :p

Comment Re:Display (Score 1) 140

Since 2011, most of my reading is done in a Galaxy S. I read before I sleep, so I use amber text over a black background, with the dimmest light intensity available. I haven't found any better alternative to an AMOLED display, it is just excellent. I have a newer Acer smartphone, but its display sucks in comparison, at least in low light settings.

And for software, I can't recommend enough the Moon+ Reader app for Android, it has everything you need and the UI is perfect, imo. If any dev reads this, congrats, great job! :)

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