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Submission + - What mail server and setup do you run?

dmayle writes: "I've been recently undergoing a deluge of spam on my personal mail server (serves me and my family), and I believe this to be the cause of some lost mails (Overloaded SpamAssassin). I've decided that it's time to migrate to a new server to take into account best practices, and I was wondering what the users of slashdot are using for mail? I'm currently running an aging Qmail setup with Dovecot for IMAPS, Roundcube for webmail, and Clamd and SpamAssassin for content filtering. I've published SPF records, but it doesn't seem to be any help, and I get hundreds of false bounce messages per day. Does it make any sense to implement DKIM/DomainKeys? So far, for my new setup, I've been wavering between Postfix and Exim as the MTA, keeping Dovecot and Roundcube, but switching to DSPAM for my spam filtering. What are you folks running on your mail servers, and how do you handle the spam deluge? I've heard about greylisting, but since I don't control my SMTP backup servers, I'm worried about that not working. What do you folks think?

P.S. Performance is an issue, as this will be running on a virtual server, so personally I don't plan to run Scalix or Zimbra. I've done my homework, and a lot of research, I'd just like to know what everyone here is using, or if I've missed some options, thanks."

Submission + - How do you score the One Job?

dmayle writes: "We all know how to look for a new job. Polish up your resume, look at the job boards, beg your old college roommate, etc., it's not easy, but it eventually works. What do you do, however, when you want a specific job? How do you go about making the contacts necessary and getting through the recruiting process for your dream job? What if your dream job is in another town, or another state?"

Submission + - Information society to become Free in France

dmayle writes: French telecom (known for being a driving force for competition in the French telecom sector) has just communicated in a press release the creation of the "Free Foundation" to promote free access to the information society. Hand in hand with the creation of a nationwide FTTH network, anyone living in a lit home will have no-charge access to a phone line, 32 or 64kbps internet access (for email and web use only), and all currently available free TV channels. The TV receiver includes both an antenna for over-the-air digital broadcast, as well as the ability to receive channels over the fiber network.

Of course anyone desiring higher speeds (and unfiltered access to the net), can pay €29.99 to have access to 50Mbps upload and download from the EFM fibre network.

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