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Comment Re:more features for the feature god. (Score 4, Funny) 134

> Firefox has lost the point and become a fat bloated monster. And Chrome is not far behind. (And this ignores the massive data gathering both do) So there is a fantastic market opportunity for a lightweight browser that can still render the bloated modern web... Any ideas?

Well, you could create a minimal version of Firefox, stripping out all the junk, and call that Phoenix.

Comment Clinton 42 record (Score 1) 355

Assuming Hilary shares views with Bill, she will likely continue the trend of extending copyrights to infinity, which will adversely affect innovation.

Clinton 42, Signed the following into law:
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (1998)
Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) of 1998
Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA) (1994)


Comment may never reproduce brain capabibilities (Score 1) 168

"Artificial intelligence is sort of the holy grail of computing,
and while we may never reproduce the human brain or it's capabilities in their entirety in electronic form"

Stopped reading at this point, as the author has assumed that the "sort of holy grail of computing" is not possible.

The human brain is not magic. I assume the author thinks otherwise.

Comment Google jumped the shark (Score 1) 252

I also just want a simple search.
Not annoying searches on every key stroke, not hover searches ...

Simplicity was why google was better than yahoo, infoseek, and alta vista years ago.

I suggested google from the beginning, and now I am looking for a new search engine. looks promising.

Anyone else have suggestions?

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