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Comment It's Just Keeps Getting Better And Better (Score 0) 146

You actually just posted a link to a fucking Xbox 360 game that was ported to PS3 as some sort of 'proof' that the 360 is able to put out PS3 level graphics?


I think I am finally seeing the sad and pathetic logic that allows people like you to lie to themselves in order to not have to face a reality they desperately don't want to deal with. In this case that the PS3, no surprise, destroyed the Xbox 360 in graphics this gen - just like every console engineer knew it would six years ago.

Ya don't get to pick and choose which game's graphics demonstrate the relative strength of two consoles. It is hilarious that you actually tried to do so.

The PS3 has Uncharted 1/2/3 - What does the Xbox 360 have of the same level?


No fucking surprise since the 360 is gimped by the smaller than last gen disc format that can't hold the 24 or more gigs of data for materials and geometry in the Uncharted games. Nor does the 360 have the same insane parallel floating point power in the PS3's Cell chip to run Uncharted's animations.

Instead the best the 360 can do is the 'amazing' Gears of War games that look like this:


Laughably primitive lighting, jerky primitive animations, materials that look straight out of the PS2/Xbox era.

The PS3 has Killzone 2/3 - What does the 360 have that can compete?


Once again the massive data of materials and geometry can't fit even on 3 of the 360's gimped less than DVD sized discs. And the 360's gimped 10 megs of EDRAM can't fit the massive render buffers that advanced deffered shading engines like Killzone 2/3 run on the PS3. And this is why all the Xbox fanboys screamed that Sony was lying about Killzone 2's graphics before Sony shut them the fuck up at E3 with graphics that matched the 'impossible CGI level' graphics:


Either you post these mystery 360 games that magically make the wimpy Xbox hardware do what not a single Xbox developer has been able to for the past seven years.

Until you can do that, sit down and shut the fuck up. Your crappy little underpowered 360 got the shit kicked out of it graphically this gen. No other console has been so humiliated that it has not a single exclusive title that can be held up that is of the same level as the exclusives on its competing console.


Comment Re:Take The Fanboy Goggle Off (Score 0) 146

Quick google of NeutronCowboy Xbox

What a surprise! The lame attempt at pretending to be a 'grown up' above silly things like 'graphics' is just another angry and bitter Xbox fanboy...

The fact that the wimpy Xbox 360 came out SEVEN years ago and you are still this angry about really is incredibly pathetic.

Nintendo came out with the Wii which wasn't much more powerful than the GameCube. Nintendo fans grumbled a bit and then quickly moved on with their lives and had a wonderful gen. Sony promised and delivered total graphical dominance and massive first party exclusives. Sony fans grumbled a bit at the price but moved on quickly and the PS3 has easily outsold the Xbox 360 every year its been on the market. And has this past year dumped the 360 into last place in worldwide sales.

What the hell is with Xbox fans? You desperately wanted to believe the poorly designed and rushed out the door 360 hardware would be able to compete with the PS3. You filled your heads with garbage that told you want you wanted to hear.

Reality vs fanboy delusions. Surprise, Reality won. The PS3 crushed the wimpy Xbox 360 so badly Xbox fans had to resort to the humiliating 'at least some multiplats look (slightly) better on teh 360'.

Honestly guy, go throw yourself at your pillow tonight in your Halo jammies and have a good cry and get it out of your system and move on. Let it be a lesson that you shouldn't let yourself fall into the trap of believing something simply because you desperately want it to be true.

Comment Re:Take The Fanboy Goggle Off (Score -1, Troll) 146

And there we have it.

You're basically just an petulant and dumb little kid.

What a perfect example of some of the latest political science studies that shows that people who have locked themselves into some belief actually cling harder to their misconceptions when faced with actual evidence.

The really inexplicable things is how the hell people like you ever were so dumb in the first place to believe the Xbox 360 was ever going to be able to compete graphically with the PS3.

The Xbox 360 was rushed out the door and obviously just thrown together in a rush to try to get the console out the door to pad out the installed base before the PS3 and Wii shipped.

The Xbox 360 was gimped with a last gen DVD drive that had usable storage that was about 1.5 gigs smaller than the PS2 and Xbox had to use. Compared to the PS3 with its 25/50 gig Blu-Ray drive.

The PS3 had an obvious massive floating point power advantage over the much weaker Xbox 360 which should have been obvious that things like physics, lighting, animation would be significantly more advanced on the PS3.

The gimped 10 megs of EDRAM in the 360 should have made it obvious to even a non-programmer that the 360 was going to be a nightmare for developers. And that games with engines like the amazing Killzone 2/3 differed shading engine that requires large render buffers would never be possible on the 360.

Or that the significantly higher pixel pushing power of the RSX in the PS3 was going to mean the PS3 would be running games at a higher resolution than the 360's weaker graphics hardware could handle.

At some point even someone with a peebrain like yours must have finally had the dim little lightbuld above their head go off and stopped trying to pretend the 360 was ever going to put out PS3 level graphics.

Instead here you are six years later still clinging to that bullshit that is filling your head and posting links to a handful so graphically mediocre titles more than half of which are nothing more than PC developer console ports.

Until the day that you can post screenshots or footage from a retail 360 game running with graphics that can match this gens top graphical console games:

* Killzone 2/3
* Uncharted 1/2/3
* Gran Turismo 5
* God of War 3

Since you can't. And since you won't ever be able to, Sit down and shut the fuck up.

Comment Re:Take The Fanboy Goggle Off (Score 1, Informative) 146

We're not having a debate. There is six years of real world graphics engines running on fixed hardware. The fact that whatever brain damage you have that makes you so vehemently deny what is something that isn't just easily seem with people's own eyes but with the actual resolution, poly counts, lighting models, etc on the PS3 and the significantly weaker Xbox 360.

There are usually two groups of people who still cling to the delusion that the Xbox 360 graphics hardware is in the same league as the PS3:

1. Outright hardcore Xbox fanboys. The guys who post that 'teh Xbox version looks better' without even wasting time to look at comparison screen shots or video. Take PS3 and 360 footage/screenshots and reverse the labels and these sad fucks will proclaim the 360(actually PS3) version looks best!

2. People dumb enough to fill their head with the techno babble garbage from sites like beyond3d.com. These people spent the first couple of years before and during the start of the PS3's life listening to the PC fanboys run their mouths off with inane crap and simply refuse to let go are admit that all that garbage they filled their heads with is diametrically opposed to the reality of what their eyes are seeing.

I remember one of these sad fucks posting two screenshots from PS3 and 360 version of a game. The 360 version was full of jaggies. Yet this dunce had filled his head with so much garbage from the dumb PC 'graphics experts' that he actually was asking why the PS3 version didn't have as good anti-aliasing as the 360.

Console graphics isn't the special olympics like you apparently want it to be where 'everyone is a winner'. You design your console's graphics system and you ship it. The actual graphics engines speak for themselves.

Microsoft has had seven years to come up with a single game that can compete with a single PS3 exclusive. They failed. The Xbox 360's single claim to graphical fame were hilariously fake 5000x5000 16xAA Unreal Engine bullshots running with massively detailed models and materials running on a high end Epic developer PC that they tried to pass off as 'in game' or 'in engine':


When in reality this is what the actual direct feed Xbox 360 graphics look like:


PS3 exclusives like Uncharted make the Xbox 360's 'graphical showpiece' look like a PS2/Xbox era title.

Knock yourself out. Keep trying to convince the world the Xbox 360 was in the league as the PS3. Post some comparison shots of My Pretty Pony and how 'close the PS3 and 360' graphics look.

After all, there are still sad and pathetic Dreamcast fanboys haunting console forums still trying to convince the world the Dreamcast was just as powerful as the PS2.

Comment Re:Take The Fanboy Goggle Off (Score 1, Troll) 146

"P.S., 360 still has a larger install base than the PS3. Not by a significant margin, mind you, but it's still ahead."

LOL. Let me guess...you just checked vgchartz.com to 'make sure'...

vgchartz.com - the site run by a 20 something year old Xbox fanboy who use to post fake sales numbers on the neogaf forums in a desperate attempt to make the Xbox 360 sales look larger than they really were. Who got banned for doing so and ran off and created his pathetic little fake sales website where he could make up inflated Xbox 360 sales numbers without anyone banning him.

What is so hilariously sad about vgchartz.com is the little Xbox fanboy, ioi, is so dumb that he in his desperation to inflate Xbox 360 sales that he regularly posts Xbox 360 sales numbers that are larger than the known Xbox shipment numbers. But hey! who cares that his numbers are hilariously fake and just made by him typing into his computer from his mom's house, right?

Even more pathetic for Microsoft is that even with rushing their under-powered and defective hardware out the door a year early, tens of millions in duplicate consoles sold due to the RRoD fiasco and other hardware problems, being 100-200 dollars cheaper than the PS3, they even further in their desperation to try to inflate their Xbox 360 sales numbers by being the only console maker who tries to pass off 'shipped to retailer' numbers as actual 'sold to customer' numbers.

Both Nintendo and Sony switched to reporting only actual sales to customers back in 2006 while Microsoft has refused to do so because it allows them to inflate their installed base numbers by some 2-3 million from all the unsold consoles sitting in retail warehouse and store shelves.


Absolutely hilarious that all that and Microsoft still ends up in last place this gen.

But what do you expect? This is the same Microsoft who:

* Tried to claim their dead Surface tablet was 'sold out everywhere'!

* That their dead Windows Phones were the 'top selling' phone - when it was actually just one retailer for one brief bit of time that their top ten list showed the Windows Phone at the top.

If Microsoft lost this badly this gen, it is going to be even worse next gen when they no longer have the only first party developers Xbox fanboys cared about Bungie anymore and Microsoft trying to mimic Nintendo with the shitty Eye Toy ripoff called Kinect. One has to wonder if Microsoft is going to intentionally botch their hardware next gen so help pad their installed base like they unintentionally did this gen.

Comment Re:Xbox 360 Is In Last Place (Score 0) 146

"Games released on multiple platforms usually have a better experience on the Xbox 360, especially graphics."

One has to wonder how it can be that when your console has been beaten so badly in graphics that you have to resort to 'teh multiplats' that you don't just throw in the towel and move on with your life and accept that whatever garbage you filled you head with about the relative power of your console and its competition was exactly that...garbage.

Xbox fans were so butt hurt about the PS3 curbstomping their wimpy little Xbox 360 in graphics this gen that their Xbox buddies at sites like gametrailers.com resorted to:

* Intentionally hooking up the PS3's video with the wrong settings so they could pretend the graphics were 'washed out'

* Intentionally using higher jpg compression for screen captures on the PS3 so the image quality would drastically suffer and look like the screen was filled with jaggies and aritifacts

* Outright intentionally doctoring PS3 screenshots and then getting caught and laughing about it in their forums

Pathetic but not really surprising. There are still hardcore Dreamcast fans who over a decade later still lurk in online forums trying to convince the world that the PS2 didn't really graphically kick the shit out of their precious Dreamcast. And that they have hardware specs that 'prove' the Dreamcast is superior to the PS2.

I'm sure there will be Xbox fanboys a decade from now doing the same with fighting a futile battle trying to convince the rest of the world that their own eyes are deceiving them and that the Xbox 360 really was able to put out graphics in the same league as the PS3.

"While the PS3 remains the best console for japanese games, the Xbox 360 is a much better console for western audiences. "

LOL, so sadly pathetic...

Comment Take The Fanboy Goggle Off (Score -1, Troll) 146

"In a technical sense, if a game can run on the 360, it can be made to run on the PS3 and vice-versa."

It is funny on a site that claims to be a hangout for people with at least a minimum of technical knowledge. Or at least working visual systems...

There never has been another console that has so absolutely crushed its competition like the PS3 has done with the Xbox 360 this gen.

In the past there were either consoles that were too far apart in time for them to be considered technical competitors or consoles that were strong in some graphical areas but were beat in others like the Genesis/SNES days.

The PS3 is the first console ever to have such a graphical dominance over its competition that there isn't a single are the PS3 doesn't crush the Xbox 360 in:

* Resolution
* Poly counts
* Lighting
* Materials
* Animation
* Physics
* Particle/Effects

There isn't a single graphical area where the Xbox 360 has been able to put out games that match the PS3 in even a single graphical area this gen. And Microsoft has had six years and an virtually unlimited budget to do so.

Games like GT5 are running at 50 percent more resolution than the 360's Forza while pushing a huge amount more polys per frame and running a lighting model far beyond.

Games like Killzone 2 are running engines that aren't even possible to run on the 360 due to the gimped 10 megs EDRAM the 360 is saddled with.

Or games like Metal Gear Solid 4 that are so large they could never ever run on the 360's smaller than last gen 6.7gig DVD format.

Or games like Uncharted that have materials that make the 360's 'graphical showcase' Gears of War look like a PS2/Xbox era title:


The Xbox 360 has been so badly beaten in graphics this gen that it is the only console in history to have to resort to trying to brag about minuscule differences in crappy mulitplatform titles because its own first party exclusives are so graphically unimpressive.

So, yeah, I'm sure shitty little Call of Doody looks slightly better on your 480i TV on your 360 than on your PS3.

But outside of delusional fanboy lalaland Microsoft has had 6 years to come up with a single game that could match Sony's PS3 exclusives this gen and failed to do so.

Comment Xbox 360 Is In Last Place (Score 1, Insightful) 146

You were joking...right?

The Xbox 360 is in last place in worldwide sales this gen.

An absolutely mind boggling failure for Microsoft. The Xbox 360 was suppose to be the console where Microsoft recovered from the first Xbox multi-billion dollar fiasco and finally got it right.

Instead Microsoft:

* Killed off the first Xbox leaving pissing off developers who wasted resources developing engines for the console

* Rushed the worst console hardware ever created out the door that lead to the RRoD fiasco and many other hardware failures on a scale never seen before in the console market.

* The Xbox 360 launched a year early and a year and a half early in Europe

* The Xbox 360 launch price was 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3 yet the PS3 easily outsold the Xbox 360's first year and has gone on to outsell the Xbox 360 worldwide each year it has been on the market.

* Tens of millions Xbox 360 have been sold due to Xbox owners desperately hoping each new model that is released finally fixes the RRoD, the disc scratching drives, the absurdly loud noisy operation, etc.

All of that and Microsoft still has ended up in last place this gen. In a sick bit of irony, the only bright spot this gen for Microsoft has been the RRoD in that it helped keep them out last place for a little bit longer than they should have.

What is mind boggling about Microsoft's failure in the console market is instead of rectifying the reasons they are the last place console this gen, they have been making things worse:

* They have shut down almost all of their first party developers or let them go join multiplatform publishers. The one first party studio that mattered, Bungie, they pissed off so much that they forced Microsoft to let them leave. Boggle.

* The first Xbox was big expensive PC crammed into a big ugly black box. The Xbox 360 was junk hardware with wimpy graphics that got destroyed by PS3 exclusives this gen. Yet Microsoft has done nothing to develop the internal hardware design and manufacturing capabilities that would allow them to compete with Sony.

Instead Microsoft has bizarrely tried, and failed, to turn the Xbox 360 into a Wii like device by buying a company that created an Sony EyeToy clone.

Even more mind boggling is that even after six years on the market the Xbox's division is still either bleeding cash or just barely breaking even. And that is including all the other profitable products and services in the same division. The 50 or whatever the price Microsoft forces Xbox owners to pay them to be allowed to play online games should be generating many hundreds of millions of dollars a year in pure profits. The losses on the Xbox 360 have to be so large that even those extra hundreds of millions in profit each year can barely cover the losses on the Xbox 360 hardware.

Dumping the ten year long Xbox fiasco is going to be day one for whatever CEO finally comes in to clean up the mess Ballmer has created with garbage products like Bing, Xbox, Windows Phone, etc.

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