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Comment UC Overmind (Score 3, Interesting) 113

I'm with the winning UC Berkeley Overmind team. ( ) We're very excited to have won the competition, and we're hopeful that soon we'll be able to create an agent that can beat the very best humans.

Here's an overview of our strategy. Broadly, our agent always plays Zerg, and its primary objective is to apply constant pressure to our opponents, which will let the agent continually expand to improve its economy. To that end, our agent had three primary tools: a scouting worker that harassed early, zerglings that provided early defense, and mutalisks which basically force the opponent to stay in their base. Our agent would make decisions, based on what it observed, to trade off between these different forces. It might build more zerglings if it sensed more early pressure, or it might skip them altogether if our opponent wasn't going to attack early.

Our choice of mutalisks was deliberate. They are a highly mobile all-purpose air unit that can mass up and cause significant damage in a short period of time. Also, they don't have bounding boxes, meaning that they're more amenable to computer control. That choice proved to be really valuable, because a lot of the opponents seemed to have preferred ground armies. However, there are many other strong units. For example, the other agent in the finals (Krasi0) was truly impressive with its ability to repair units.

Anyway, on our page we have a couple of videos, and we'll have several more by tomorrow (Saturday).

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