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Comment sounds totally backwards (Score 4, Interesting) 244

If the speed of light is dependent on the strength of the gravity field, as we seem to measure today, then the early universe, with all of the matter/energy (yes. that is redundant) should have had such a deep gravity well that the speed of light should have been about 0 for the first few milliseconds of the universe' existence, if not longer.

Comment not that complicated (Score 4, Informative) 176

People who READ the GPL can figure it out. Those who INTERPRET it to suit their own agenda get it wrong (like SCSI specs, for example).

If you publish a program that incorporates GPL (not LGPL) source, you have to make that source, plus any of your changes, plus instructions/tools to build the program to those to whom you have distributed the program (no distribution -> no requirement), and you can not use a more-restrictive license on the program source. Putting the bundle on a web site is acceptable, but NOT a requirement, as long as you provide the bundle at nominal charge to the recipients of the program. You do NOT have to give it to anyone else.

Comment bet the "marketing requirements" were the original (Score 3, Insightful) 292

It will be interesting if there's public disclosure of the marketing requirements doc, not to mention the purchasing input. The former are likely to be a mass of mutually-exclusive bullet items, with no input beyond magic to resolve the contradictions, and the latter will have no allowance in the cost of goods for hardware (and WHY THE HELL MICROSOFT?) for the inevitable feature creep, so there's no way it could ever have worked.

Comment Total BS; I've done the right thing. (Score 2) 357

It is the INTERFACES that are open, not the implementation.

Many years ago, I had to implement a set of printer drivers but, as usual, the printer codes were proprietary. Using the man pages only, which described the interfaces and data format, I wrote a new subset of the pnm functions for a pnmto program (since I could not locate any LGPL implementation of pnm). I did, in fact, type in all of the characters for the new headers myself, and the text did not match the original headers, except for the function names and parameters.

Comment "birthright"? (Score 1) 324

Only a few of the people living within the geographical boundaries of Nevada have any claim of "birthright" to the land. For the rest of you, there's this: the United States government stole that land from the birthright holders, so you're lucky to allowed any sort of title to any part of it. The government stole it, the government gets to keep it, just like the casinos.

Comment quickest way off a jury (Score 3, Interesting) 436

From what I've seen during jury selection, demonstrate either knowledge or the ability to think for yourself and you will be dismissed post-haste. The lawyers for both sides (criminal or civil) want more-or-less house plants that will follow their version of "logic".

Anyone who has followed the United States political scene since, essentially, forever (about 1796, or thereabouts) knows that our system is fully intended to maximize the power of the dimmest bulbs in the shed.

Comment dirty app source; block it (Score 1) 46

Seems reasonable.

If the app server cannot be relied upon to provide clean (no spyware, trojans, ...) apps, then it is entirely reasonable to block it, and any communications with it.

'Course, since many of the Apple apps have those same "features", spyware, in particular, they should be blocked, also.

GPS tracking, for example, can be used to follow aides from one office to another, or from the floor to an office, making it more difficult to have some of the delicate negotiations often required to make a government work. Same thing with tracking the to/from of texts.

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