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Comment Re:Very simple (Score 1) 347

Oh, and while we are on the subject, as soon as you use And in a method name really try and split it into two seperate functions.


function doThisAndThat(...)

function doThis(...)

function doThat(...)

Even if both of those methods will always be called together one after the other for the rest of eternity that it still far than the alternative which is that some fool after wards comes along and changes it into: doThisAndThatAndTheOtherThing(...)

But I thought HaltAndCatchFire was supposed to be an atomic action. Now I need to code it as two separate functions?

Comment Re:Ya, but how? (Score 1) 57

It does both, along with other heuristics. If it detects a normal delay in reaching the checkbox and normal mouse movements it will usually let you proceed. If it's suspicious, because the box was checked too quickly, or the mouse movements were unnatural (or the pointer jumped without following a patch)

So how does THAT work on touch screens? Delay might still be there, but I typically don't drag my finger over the screen to reach a checkbox.

Comment So why are we letting only the companies automate? (Score 1) 468

I'd like to know why the goverments aren't investing in this high end automation.

What do the welfare people need? Shelter, food, maybe booze, TV/Internet.

Why doesn't the government build the robots to provide those things? With the output going to the people already demanding help?

Rather than demand the productive population work to care for the unproductive (whatever the reason) population, let the darn robots that want to take everyone's jobs do it.

Need to move them around? Free autodrive goverment uber access. Growing crops? There are already prototypes of fully automated mini farms. Build some robots to build those. This can't be an unsurmountable problem.

Heck, tell companies that if they want to replace jobs by automation, the will need to supply a fraction of their automation to the goverment to be used for this purpose.

Comment Built my own - the hard way... (Score 1) 181

Only having a 300 baund modem, with no auto answer made running a BBS a bit on the difficult side, but I managed.

When I got my own phone line put in, I had them put the demarc point inside my 2nd floor bedroom.

At the time, I had a Tandy Coco 3 running OS-9. I ran the phone lines through the cassette drive control port on the computer, then from their out to the modem.

my software would "pick up" the phone by toggling the cassette relay, listen for keystrokes, and if it got them, proceed with the BBS software I built. No keystrokes, would hang up, wait 5 seconds, and try again. All night long. "Click". pause. "Click"...

Good times.

Comment Re:Creating Structural Monopoly (Score 1) 192

Apple is doing absolutely nothing to prevent you from buying any charger that you would like. Buy a Belkin, buy a whatever. As long as it puts out actual 5VDC and enough amps to activate the charging circuit, you'll be perfectly fine.

But if you buy some cheap piece of shit that spikes voltage and blows out your phone, Apple is going to say that you used a cheap piece of shit that voids your warranty, just like any other device manufacturer would, regardless of if it's a phone or not.

Oh, but it's Apple, so clearly they are monopolistic shitheads all of a sudden, even if this has been the case for literally decades of portable electronics.

Worse - they are being advertised as "genuine" Apple chargers

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