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Comment Re:raspberry for chinese boards (Score 1) 120

I just hopped onto the Raspberry Pi bandwagon. I received two boards over the weekend (made in China) and both can't keep the USB/Ethernet on... I'm the last post in the parent's link.... It's very frustrating (even for an experience electrical and computer engineer) and I hope that they can get their quality control under ... control. I'd hate to see something as awesome as the Raspberry Pi ruined during it's early life because of poor hardware manufacturing. Without RTFA, I expect this recent post is to get some good PR out about the recent glut of defective boards.

Comment Price Performance (Score 2) 264

But what about the price performance? These devices are all priced at the same level or even above than the iPad. All things being equal, the larger market of the has a network effort bonus that maks the iPad appear more valuable. Even the summary states these tablets are, "every bit as capable", in the technology sense, meaning the tech between the two is basically even. Once these Android tablets can offer a device cheaper than an iPad, then we can talk about serious competition.

Comment IMAP is no pancea either (Score 1) 209

Every post here is hailing IMAP as the solution, yet I have not received one email on my imap account all morning. I checked and all my messages are still waiting for me. The real solution is to lock your email server in a closet and disconnect it from any network. It's the only way to ensure your email is there.

Comment Re:BFD (Score 1) 1007

A whole lot of nuthin huh, not every story needs to be about the imminent destruction of Earth. My hats off to the engineers who designed and built the LHC. Over 20 years of work deserves some recognition... Congrats to my particle smashing overlords.

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