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Comment Re: Subversion of the West (Score 1) 1080

The US has a much more bountiful "government cheese" program, then... I have personally witnessed many who live off the Government programs and drive nicer vehicles than me, live in nicer houses than me, and do not work at all. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell they can do this. As far as trying to keep up with the changes, we have very helpful Government employees (called "Social Workers") that are paid by the Government to guide those poor, lost souls through the red tape, as long as they can prove that they "deserve" it. And as soon as they get their "food stamps" (which is now a debit card, because we wouldn't want them to be embarassed in the supermarket line), they are able to purchase all kinds of foodstuffs, healthy or not (including soda, chips, and candy bars).

Please don't get me wrong: there are those who absolutely need this. I have absolutely no issue with helping those that desperately need help. In fact, I am a bit socialist when it comes to the truly unfortunate and disabled: we as a society should be held accountable and responsible for their well-being. However, there are many, many times more that are scamming the system, and the worst thing is that the Social Workers KNOW they are, but are not allowed to stop the scamming. Because, discrimination. Because, political correctness. I have heard them lament to the fact that they are not able to help those who are TRYING to make a go of it, but have to help those who refuse to work even though they are physically and mentally able. This is what needs to be addressed and fixed in the US version of social welfare.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 1080

And all the time making sure that he himself is exempt from those rules...

The guy is a snake. He has a politician's heart and soul, in the very worst sense of the word. He lies and cheats to get ahead. Actually, very much like Hilarity. Probably why he polls so close to her.

He completely lost me with his "Carson's quitting, come to my side" tweets. Asshole through-and-through.

Comment Re:Rule of law (Score 1) 491

Well, there's also the fact that people are the final jury in these cases, and they are given information that is relevant and considered true and correct at the time of the trial. The Innocence Project is showing that, at the time of the trial, the proper sentence may have been found, but future improvements in evidence gathering and processing may and, in some cases, will prove that the defendant is actually innocent.

Juries do their very best at making the "right" decision, but they are limited to the information at the time. There's nothing wrong with that, and it has proven to be the most "fair" way to deal with these situations in history. But things change and improve, and as tragic as it is that an innocent person is imprisoned for much of his life, it would be even more tragic if that person was put to death and was later found to be innocent.

Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 554

The point of whether what she did was legal or not will be moot. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, DOD, and any other 3 letter agency you can throw in here. will all be overruled by the Great and Powerful Obama and his superpower of pardon. If you don't see a Hillarity pardon coming in the near future, you're blind to reality. She will be fully exonerated one way or another.

Which, IMHO, sucks, but what can you do?

Comment Re:Discretion (Score 1) 554

This!!! There could be a "game show" type television program designed around this (maybe Morgan Freeman as the host?), so that the public can watch the "sentencing" happen LIVE ON AIR!

It may sound like I am being facetious, but I am serious. I think this would be a great idea (even though it's almost something out of "Idiocracy") simply for the deterrence factor.

Comment Re:wow, they have a real accountable democracy (Score 1) 228

Thanks for this explanation (since I didn't RTFM and went straight from the summary to the comments; TLDR). I thought it was silly that just because he and his wife had money and investments that he would have to step down, but with the information that he used his position to create personal wealth, or fix a personal financial setback, it makes sense. I don't really care where on the political spectrum a person is, these kind of maneuvers are ethically wrong and a very good reason for forced retirement...

Unfortunately, this happens much too often in US politics... and nothing is done about it.

Comment Re:Can you pay for my Internet Access too FCC, ple (Score 1) 94

You're gonna compare giving just any person a free, tax supported college education to the GI Bill?

Going to college used to be free. The G.I. Bill was a government program that worked extremely well.

So what the hell does that response mean? You are avoiding my point altogether. Gas used to be 10 cents a gallon: should we subsidize drivers for the high costs of fuel now too? Because there isn't much of a difference between the two.

Now, to address the point that I THINK you are trying to make: the current outrageous cost of an education. How about trying to reduce the costs, rather than having society pick up the tab for everyone's education? The problem in academia right now is the cost of administration, and the 7-digit salaries that presidents seem to think they deserve (here's a reference for ya: FIX the problem, don't just drop it on the shoulders of society. And if the bill IS footed by society, then society should get to decide what that college education is. That decision should be taken out of the student's hands and put into the hands of those paying for it, who know what positions are needed to be filled.

These men and women put their personal and professional lives on hold to serve the country, making very little monetary compensation and many put their lives at risk, to protect assholes like you.

I work with veterans every day as a government IT worker to protect their personal data from the bad guys. They thank me for the daily service I put in on their behalf.

Maybe you should think about that a little more, before you write something that infers that a program meant for veterans is less important than one for someone who has not done anything for this country or society. Our veterans are treated like second-class citizens when you consider what they have given up for this country. Meanwhile, here you are, working for the government, with tax dollars as your payroll, suggesting that they DON'T deserve the meager benefits that this country DOES give them! What an asshole you are!

And note that I did NOT use AC for this! Those "fuck you"s are from my heart and soul!

You need mental help. Fortunately, Obamacare covers that.

First of all, I do not need Obamacare. I am lucky enough to have a job that has health insurance as a benefit (though they do not pay 100% and I make up the difference). That being said, I do believe that the PPACA is a needed program, and shouldn't simply be thrown out offhandedly. All of these PPACA resinders out there are complete and total idiots, as far as I am concerned. This country has been trying to get some kind of subsidized health insurance program in place for 50 years, and now we have one. Are there issues with it? I have no clue, and none of those in the "Rescind Obamacare" group seem to be able to show specific reasons why it should go. And they don't seem to be able to make the intellectual leap of FIXING the broken parts (that they can't point out). It's simply a matter of "They brought it into being, so it MUST be bad and needs killing!!!" That's extremely wasteful both fiscally and chronologically. So, no, I don't agree with the vaporization of the PPACA, rather I believe that if something is broken, fix it. Which, incidentally, flies in the face of today's society, so I am not surprised by the reaction.

Secondly, why do I need mental help? If I have an extreme prejudice to what you are saying, you think I should do it as a cowardly AC instead? That's probably what you would do, but I have the balls to stand up to an asshole like you in full view of the public, using my real account. Maybe in this current world that means I need mental help, but where I come from only true cowards stand behind a veil of secrecy and take on their opponents. Oh, yeah, you work for the government, don't you? That's where it comes from!!!

Take your anti-military, never-held-a-real-job socialist asshole Sanders and move to somewhere you'll be more comfortable, maybe like Cuba or China. You'll fit right in there!

As a moderate conservative, I'm not voting for Sanders. But he is only person talking about reinvesting in America.

Yeah, ok. Sure. Socialism is "reinvesting". Reinvesting OPM to those who have not earned it. Ask the Soviets how that worked out for them. Not only are you wrong, you're a liar as well. No true conservative or libertarian, moderate or otherwise, would EVER consider Sanders a viable candidate to run this country.

You skipped a couple of points that I made, namely the thanks that I believe the men and women of the military forces deserve from the American public, and the fact that they are not given the credit that they deserve. I can only infer that you do not agree with those points, so your "I help veterans every day" BS is simply that: BS of the highest order, to the point that it's hypocrisy. I do NOT thank you for your service, any more than my tax dollars have already done. And, btw, quit wasting my tax dollars trolling on /.

Comment Re:Better idea: (Score 1) 286

On the other hand, history has shown that local issues are much better dealt with at a local level, rather than having a heavy-handed federal agency handling a situation. And, in reference to your "wacko" comment, most of what has been coming in from the feds in the last 20 years has been wacko, in a local frame-of-mind. The feds do not understand what is happening at the local level, and worse, do not care.

The Constitution expressly gives power to the local level over the federal level on any subject not directly stated in the Constitution. Which has been bastardized and abused to the fullest by the feds in their quest over the last 150 years for power over the populace and states.

I do understand what you are saying, though. The Civil Rights movement and protection of citizens who are being unlawfully persecuted is the classic case brought up in these discussions, and was entirely justified and needed to happen. On a daily basis, in normal situations, it is a bad, bad idea and is completely unconstitutional, and many times escalates to a very deadly outcome. I.E: Waco, Oregon, Miami, Pine Ridge, Ruby Ridge, etc.

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