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Comment I admit to checking my phone... (Score 1) 924

But I pull it only half out of my pocket, hit the button, see if the text I got was from my kids or if there's an urgent issue requiring me to leave the theater to make a call, or go home/work. So maximum exposure time is less than 3 seconds, and any light would be directly to my left (so, the stairs, or my wife...), or reflected off my pants.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 5, Interesting) 95

I actually still use Trillian, expressly for the continuous client functionality. As there is also the iPhone app, OS X, Windows, etc, not every IM service allows you to log in in multiple locations simultaneously, and allow you to start a conversation on a mobile device, continue on a Windows box, then finish it on a Mac, and have the IM logs and history available on each one. And since a lot of my friends, coworkers, etc, don't rely only on Facebook chat, and I occasionally will send something important to someone, or they to me via IM, being able to look at 1 unified history for that person, and not needing to look on system A, B and C to find the logs, is quite beneficial.

I've seen some other clients that will do similar things, though mainly on the mobile side only (IM+). Pidgin also does not have a released binary for OS X. You can use one of the ports (Fink/MacPorts), or compile from source (people here may not have issues with that, average desktop types will), or use Adium, which uses the core of pidgin, but, so far, the only decent, and frequently updated, all in one IM program with persistence over multiple clients is Trillian.

Comment Re:Comcast Router? I think not (Score 1) 203

You can get cable modems at most big box stores, amazon, newegg, best buy, etc. Xoom, Motorola, and a few others. Work fine with Comcast, though you do have to call them so they can add the HFC MAC to your account. Now, the Moto ones WILL do routing, but only when the cable network is down (ie: it'll do DHCP on the 172 range, so that when the internet dies, if you're just using a switch, your LAN connects still work, but that really only counts if you're using a switch, and each system has an IP assigned from comcast, and not using another router for wifi, etc)

Comment Re:Stopping Comment Spammers on /. ? (Score 0) 307

Yes, the use of wide scale EMP devices... only way to truly knock the botnets which are posting the spam offline. Since they're not people, breaking their fingers wont work. As is well known, trying to stop comment spam has been an ongoing research project for the population of the world who dislikes comment spam. If you can find a way to 100% stop comment spam, you'll be the hero to the internet connected world, and could probably make a few bucks giving speeches at universities...

Comment Brydge iPad 4th Gen? (Score 1) 100

I'm still kinda wondering how the clamshell case will support the iPad 4th gen.. which, to my knowledge, isnt for sale yet? Since.. Mini != 4th gen. Plus, does not appear the mini would fit in the clamshell, and there are no pictures of the mini in the clamshell, or any mention of an insert

Comment My Datacenter list (from working in many IDCs) (Score 1) 416

Not going to read every reply, but, power drill with an extender, to use to tighten cabinet screws, as well as one of the bits used to drill out stripped screws, because invariably, you will get ones that will not want to come out, and get stripped, and cause all sorts of hell.

But, the datacenters I've worked in always had
3x long flat head
3x short/regular length flat heads
3x long phillips heads
3x short/regular length phillips heads
Socket wrench set
Allen wrench set
2x 18v cordless drills w/ the extender bit holder (with at least 1 spare battery each)
2x 18v flashlights (same battery pack as drill)
Cable tester (we had a cheap one, and a Fluke, which was kept in a separate location from the provisioning room)
Fiber tester (kept in same secure location as the Fluke CAT# / Coax tester)
Digital Multimeter
Spare cabinet nuts (M2) and screws
Spare drive screws, since you will drop and lose them as you add/remove/swap drives.
Spare thermal paste of choice
Rubbing alcohol or acetate to remove old thermal paste
Various length premade/known good CAT5E cables. Generally, for neatness, you should make your own, at a proper length to pull out a server on it's rails, open it, etc, without having to unplug everything, without having 10 extra feet of it coiled up blocking airflow.

Yes, some of these items will be pricey. But, in the long run, buying 10 cheap items that keep breaking will cost more than 1 good item that wont break.

Comment Re:Heatsink (Score 1) 249

Seriously? I've not seen a spring clip heatsink on any decent CPU released since the AMD K6-2. This is due to the weight of current heatsinks. Clipping them to the plastic resulted in the plastic tabs being stressed and coming undone. Granted, there are HSF units for servers which use the clip style (with motherboard vendor provided screw down to clip style adaptors), but as a 1U-4U server is generally kept horizontal, the full weight of the heatsink is not straining the plastic in the same way. As an example, 1 HSF unit I just looked which would work on an AMD Opteron Socket 1207 (older quad core) weighs 14 ounces.. nearly 1 pound. A 1mm thick plastic tab will deform under the strain of the thin, square edged metal clips.

And, my i5 CPU has the 4 pin pushdown plastic HSF, which results in rather thin plastic locking... My Opteron system has 2 screw down pins, to a metal reenforced plate on the back of the motherboard.

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