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These are just links to rulings and opinions on the courts web site, not tweeting the actual details. Nothing to see here. The information itself is as accessible as it always was, although they have provided a marginally more convenient way to access it as soon as it is posted.

Comment Split mini system. Cost effective != cheap install (Score 1) 414

We had a similar problem. In the long term you need to look at efficiency vs. installation cost.

Running one (or two) large units constantly just for a server room is in the long term quite expensive depending on where you live and how much the cost of electricity goes up. Unless you are in a facility that is staffed 24/7 (and I suspect you are not) there is no reason to do this.

For between $1800 and $3400 you can have a "mini split" system installed which will cool only one room, on its own thermostat and be completely self contained. It can be installed with a small pump to dump moisture out close to the external unit. With a cooling (compressor on) current of 9-10 amps, and 12000Btu of cooling, we are able to keep our (admittedly small) server room at around 65F, which gives more than enough response time for a unit malfunction before the temperature reaches critical levels.

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