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Comment You do have control (Score 1) 249

I agree with most of the MS bashing comments here, but you DO have control over updates. Turn the 'windows update' service to disabled. Now you have total control over when you get updates. So really quit bitching about this, it is really a non-issue for anyone that has the slightest bit of knowledge about Windows.

Comment I went through 2 Note 7's (Score 4, Informative) 29

I loved the Note 7, it was such an awesome upgrade from my Note 3. Got the first 7, traded it back on the first recall for a temporary S7 edge which I didn't like. Traded the edge S7 back for a 'safe' Note 7. Got the second recall notice and waited until the V20 came out and traded for that. At this point my attitude toward Samsung is 'fuck Samsung'. Sure I got a $25 credit on my bill, but I also got to spend a total of about 4+ hours dicking around in the ATT store transferring and activating phones. The V20 is a very nice phone. If you are looking for a Note 7 replacement take a look at the V20.

Comment Re:About 1% of employees are this dumb (Score 1) 302

You give people too much credit. We have slightly less than 50 active users on our Exchange server. On any given email that goes out to the 'allemployees' DL there are between 1 to 4 people that reply all. It happens every single time, even if I am just sending an email out to everyone stating Server 'X' will be offline for a reboot. That will get at least one. The announcement for this years Christmas party got 4 or 5.

Comment Re:Security that the USER cannot control. . . (Score 2) 194

You can turn it off by setting the Windows Update service to manual and turning it off. If I had to put only on thing on my hate list for Win10 it would be the automatic updates and worse yet the automatic reboot. I constantly run with 10-15 open apps at any given time most as source references to my main app. Nothing worse then coming in in the morning, or even walking down to the kitchen to get water and finding you computer has rebooted.


Comment Re:Here's a better question (Score 1) 204

They have it for reading the mag stripe that is on your drivers license. Since that is encoded differently from a gift card, that is why they couldn't make any sense of the info when they scanned the card. legal or illegal gift card would have netted the same nonsensical info on their readers. And to be technical it is not their readers that are the problem, it is their software.

I work at a company that encodes membership/loyalty (mag stripe) cards. The software we have for this is very flexible and can read/encode almost anything on a mag stripe. It is probably a similar setup to what they were using to alter the gift cards in the first place.

Comment Re:Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 1) 204

The cards, although illegal are not the problem. The were in an OPAQUE bag. I saw nowhere in 18 USC 1029, where the possession of an OPAQUE bag is illegal or even cause for a search or even reasonable suspicion. However; once the LEO got the information back on the passenger that he had an outstanding warrant, then and only dependent on the nature of the warrant could they have reasonable suspicion. eg... failure to pay child support = no reasonable suspicion of an opaque bag. Selling drugs = reasonable suspicion of an opaque bag.

Comment Re:Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 1) 204

I agree with everything you say about the gift cards, but that is not the problem. The article stated it was an opaque bag that was spotted, not 143 gift cards. Unless the warrant of passenger had something to do with an illegal activity the could involve hiding stuff inside small opaque bags the how could there be reasonable suspicion? From my experiences with the courts, the only reason they defendants didn't win getting the search thrown out is that they did have enough money for a good attorney.

Comment Re:Right. (Score 2, Insightful) 222

How in the fcuk did this comment get modded as insightful? Out of the three you got 1 right.

Don't blame the States - Wrong, blame the States, it is the States (as through it's elected officials) that is taking the bribes (meaning the 'legal' lobbying).
Blame the big corporation - Correct.
Blame us- Wrong. The corruption of politics is so complete that if you believe your vote counts for anything then you are delusional.

Comment Apple and the EU tax (Score 1) 165

If England were smart they would lure Apple move from Ireland to set up shop there and move out of Ireland. Nothing against the Irish, they are not the ones that are giving Apple the screws. With an independent England they could grant the tax breaks and not have the commitment broken by a third party after the fact. That would help England with the perceived problems of Brexit and give Apple a graceful way to say FU to the EU.

Comment Does anyone remember..... (Score 2) 69

Slim Devices (RIP)

For those not familiar, way back in the early 2000's Slim Devices put together a hardware/software package for whole house streaming audio that is STILL ahead of today's current technology. Logitech bought them in 2006, actually made a few improvements until maybe 2009-10, but I am guessing that is while the most of the unit was still staffed with Slim engineers. In 2012 they discontinued the line, followed up with the EU Radio (stupid fucking name) which was in the same housing as the last version of the Squeeze radio. The only bright part about the EU radio is that you could flash the bios to make it work as a Squeeze radio. They then discontinued the EU radio. Trying to find replacment squeeze radios gets harder and harder (and more expensive by the month). I have 8 devices at home and that should last me..... Fingers crossed.

FU logitech, stick to making mice and keyboards. You never let me down there, but did you really fuck up the Squeeze line.

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