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Journal Journal: Wouldn't it be funny...

...if Iran blamed this recent plane crash on Terrorists? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Journal Journal: Bug

Appears to be a bug in slashcode. I never enabled comments on my last journal entry and now I cannot enable them even though slashdot says I can. I would email whoever I'm supposed to email and let them know, but... its slashcode and i have better things to do with my time. Anyhow, please post all questions/replies/flames to my last journal here.

Previous journal entry: Ready for the flames...

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Journal Journal: Ready for the flames...

I posted a reply to Searching for Botnet Command & Controls. In my post I noted my insider connection to the botnet world by implying I am part of the IN crowd, which I am. For what its worth, I have never owned a machine[1] nor run a botnet. Think of me as that good kid who never did any wrong but hung out with the wrong people as a kid. And if I could be a kid again, I would not change a thing. As far-fetched as this may sound, you learn to develop small efficient code. This may also explain my love for the demo scene...

Anyway, the purpose of this journal is to answer any off-topic questions related to the post. I will try to keep things as open as I can.

[1] - i did retaliate on a wanna-be hacker in a neighboring town who decided to pick my ex-girlfriend's computer to play a few pranks. it came to a quick end when i showed up at his front door two days after he hijacked my gf's computer. true story, no bs.. i couldn't make this up even if i tried

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Journal Journal: Arg trolls!

In my usual hot-tempered style, I responded to another troll. Damn. Oh well, this one is a first post and it's actually getting positive moderation. I put a note in my post to mod parent down, lets see how many moderators actually do their job. If they take the time to actually read the post and visit the page in question, they will see it is nothing more than an exploit of how IE handles vbscript. If they continue to read other posts on the topic they will see how suso is nothing more than a first post whore.

dknj vs suso

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Journal Journal: Why moderating on slashdot is a joke 1

This person posted this message a full day after my discussion ended. The problem is, his post was completely irrelevant and offtopic from my post. If a moderater saw it, he would probably mark it as informative. Someone tracking the thread would see it's offtopic and mark it as such. Two things happen after this. The first being the user who sees the post is ontopic about the article and doesn't realize it doesn't follow where the thread is going and starts complaining that "the parent shouldn't be modded as offtopic". The second happens during metamoderation. Everyone sees the single message and are asked if they think the moderation was fair. Anyone not following the thread will think offtopic is wrong and mark it unfair. What happens? The moderater who moderated the message as offtopic now loses karma (or whatever it has been replaced with). To get around reading such stupid posts, I will now start browsing at a minimum of +4 since this fucked up site won't do anything to solve this problem.

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Journal Journal: It's that time of the year again [updated] 1

So I'm doing my normal slashdot->osnews->audiworld go around and I stumble across an article about Solaris 10. The site was down, so I start to read comments to see what the Linux world had to say about Solaris. Low and behold, there is a post by a typical linux user basing Solaris' usability off of his or her installation experience. Normally I'd let it slide, but after someone tried to point out some basic reasons as to why solaris x86 would be a bad choice, the original poster responded by saying "what kind of os doesn't support blah" showing his or her bias.

I have time to kill, I decide to explain (in my own biased view towards people who don't take time out to learn things) what they were doing wrong and show how they could try to figure things out on their own before calling it a "poor os that needs improvements". Nope, big bad oldmanmtm tells me i'm being a dick. Excuse me? That's not the pot calling the kettle black, is it? Apparantly it's okay for the first poster to chew out an os based on its installer but it's not okay for me to chew out a reader based on his or her misinformed post? On top of all of that, he calls me a zealot. Now, there I take offense. I have never been a Solaris zealot and probably never will be [Update: I have been lumped into the Windows zealot category now. Why am I still reading slashdot?]. I HAVE friend's who worship Solaris and they're even more critical than I am. No, sir.. if anything I'm a BSD zealot (die evil linux mongers). Just so happens, I'm an advocate of Solaris. Welcome to my shitlist, oldmanmtm.

I would like to add, when I was first presented with SunOS, i was unsure how to tame such a wild beast. I had every problem the original poster described and then some. The difference? I didn't go to slashdot and express my disgust for the os. I studied it and unleased it's power (an aura of light surrounds me). Anyway, think critically and discuss among yourselves.

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Journal Journal: Trolls on Slashdot

I've been pretty good lately at avoiding trolls lately. I avoid reading comments on articles that will bring out mass trolls. An example is when a security hole is found in linux, the comments are usually littered with "Linux is fixed in 2 days, lets see microsoft do that!" "Windows still has the most holes!" "BSD Sux0rz". However, once in blue moon a technical article comes out and 70% of the high school kids go back into their caves. Of course, you may have the one or two that claim thay have real life experience due to their massive 5 computer network in their house that they setup themselves and therefore their points are valid. But its usually an informative discussions (nuclear-related stories are the best for this).

Anyhow, I was reading slashdot comments the other day and decided to reply to a post that appeared that the guy wasn't fully aware of what he was posting about. Not a big deal, everyone does it at least once. The only difference was this guy continued to fight me and appeared that he didn't even read my previous posts. It wasn't until the last post when I realized he was nothing more than a clever troll...

dknj vs. tomhudson

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