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Comment Summaries of new technologies & techniques (Score 2) 435

Succinct summaries of new (but proven) technologies & techniques. For me it's less about how to learn, and more about what to learn. Having an idea of what new technologies & techniques have been developed (and/or are becoming popular), what problems they solve for me, what trade-offs are involved, and what alternatives exist, helps to direct my learning. In other words a trade or hobbyist magazine that focuses on focuses on technology in the 'early majority' area of the adoption curve, across programming disciplines.

Comment Re: Hello Wine (Score 2) 585

I've done native code on Windows in industrial safety and automation. You'd think that's an oxymoron, but it can be made sufficiently robust.

I've dealt with bugs in Microsoft's SDKs, and dealt with multiple generations of drawing APIs. Played WoW and other games on WINE on Gentoo. Watched the incessant scrolling of FIXMEs on the console.

I'd love it if I could get paid to hack on WINE...

Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 2) 396

There's also no reason that autoinjectors could not be modified to have some of the useful properties of regular syringes. For example, if part of the case of the autoinjector were transparent, users would be able to see how much of the drug remained just as with a syringe and thereby avoid partial doses.

Comment is lack of development a problem? (Score 1) 515

Why is lack of development necessarily a problem? Lots of very useful programs have seen little development recently because they already do well what they are supposed to do. In the case of user interfaces, it is far from clear to me that development represents progress. Personally, as someone who makes heavy use of the command-line and has zero interest in copying MS Windows, I was quite happy with the window managers of a decade ago and currently have to spend time setting up a new machine to configure Gnome Classic the way I like it. Developments like Unity are just an impediment. I recognize that other users, and in particular, other types of users, have different preferences, but I see no reason to impose the type of interface that one class of user likes on everyone else.

Comment Re:Cloudflare? (Score 1) 23

I'm mildly surprised that the **AA haven't mounted an aggressive campaign to sue Level3, Cogent, XO, CenturyLink, ATT, Sprint, Verizon etc. After all, all the infringing content goes over their wires and they're surely aware that there's infringing content there!

There are certain district judges that would even buy the argument.

Comment "Secure in their ... papers" (Score 2) 157

So let me see if I understand this. Alice gives me a letter, and asks me to read it and to give it to Bob. (We are all three parties to it.) The government, wishing to investigate Alice or Bob, can serve me a warrant for the letter, and demand all other of my papers that I have relating to the two? And I have no standing to contest the warrant, because it's served "against" Alice and Bob even though it's going after papers that are in my possession and of interest to me?

Is this what the Framers meant by "papers" in the phrase "Persons, Papers and Effects"?

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