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Submission + - Complete Mozart Works Now Free

An anonymous reader writes: According to Reuters:
"Mozart's year-long 250th birthday party is ending on a high note with the musical scores of his complete works available from Monday for the first time free on the Internet." e=internetNews&storyID=2006-12-11T185118Z_01_L1180 4081_RTRUKOC_0_US-ARTS-MUSIC-MOZART.xml

Although most classical music is obviously too old to be under copyright, the rights to specific editions of pieces are owned by the publishers. Now, the International Mozart Foundation has acquired the right to publish the prestigious New Mozart Edition of every Mozart work on the internet. The response has been so overwhelming that the Foundation has been forced to increase their server capacity.

One small step for digital rights:
Wireless Networking

Submission + - School Pulls Wi-Fi Network On Fears of Radiation

s31523 writes: "Wi-Fi networks have become a ubiquitous entity, popping up in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, schools and the workplace. This trend of wireless communication is likened to the cell phone craze that started in the late 90's which quickly prompted a electromagnetic radiation scare that caused rumors of brain tumors and cancer. Looks like Wi-Fi networks are heading down the same path. The BBC is reporting that some schools are pulling their Wi-Fi networks after "complaints from parents that their children suffer headaches". From the article: " Some are concerned that we don't know enough about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation — the radio waves that allow the computer network to transmit (along with longwave, FM and TV and phone frequencies). For others, headaches and skin rashes — that they feel are due to the radio waves — are prompting a big switch off." Is this another chicken little phenomenon or is there really a need for concern?"

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