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Comment Re:Breaking Russia down... (Score 1) 254

Russia's population is getting better and better. Child mortality has fallen in the last 15 years, fecundity rate has risen, suicide rate has dropped, then even have more girls at university than most countries, far more than the US.

The US are the ones who said "fuck the EU", that Putin was like Hitler, and blamed Russia without evidence for the plane crash. That's being arrogant. The US have been implied in many wars in the past few years, but who's belligerent again ?

Comment Re:Why are the Ukrainians using facebook? (Score 1) 254

Sorry but you're a bigger conspiracy theorist than me. US have admitted it was a coup, they're not "handing an olive branch". Why would they give the benefit of those billons spent on the putsch to Putin ? Ukraine's government is now 2/3 of neo nazis and right-wing extremists (some senators were twitting their happiness after the Odessa tragedy for example). The Ukrainian goverment is bombing hospitals and schools in the eastern part of the country which is why there are humanitarians there. The US supports this government and helps the Ukrainian army (most don't support their government and have fled). Nearly 1 million Ukrainians have fled to Russia. The US are not handing an olive branch, the US is the crow.

Just like other countries where the US went in the past (and gave false reasons) their aim is ressources. John Kerry has started fracking in Ukraine (despite the sanctions) and everybody knows about the pipelines that feeds Europe in gas. The US want to control those pipelines. They've realized their gas from fracking is worth nothing so they want to start a conflict with Russia and Europe so they stop feeding gas to Europe and so the US can sell theirs.

Comment Re:Why are the Ukrainians using facebook? (Score 0) 254

What fact do you have that say the Russian want to invade Ukraine or start WW3 ? Instead you have Victoria Nuland that said the US have founded the revolution in Ukraine and now it's governed by a party funded by John McCain's foundation. There were elections but before the elections they banned the communist party which was the 2nd party in the country.

When the Malaisian plane was shot, Obama immediately accused the Russians. Obama wants war, admit it or not. If you know about WW1 you know this is the kind of event that could have started it again.

It's the Russians right to move troops in their own country. But when European and US aircrafts have been sent to Nato's bases in Poland and around Ukraine early in the conflit, it was against international laws.

If Putin wanted war we would have war. My opinion is Obama wants Putin to close the gas pipelines in Ukraine and stop selling his gas to Europe so gas prices would go up and the US could sell their gas to Europe (along with singning trading treaties that favor them). Putin knows if there's a war it will cost a ton of money from both Russia and Europe, while the US would watch. He may be an evil guy, at least he knows if he waits and let things vent it can only help him and not the US.

Comment Re:Why are the Ukrainians using facebook? (Score 1) 254

You do remember early in the conflict the US were claiming Russian tanks were in Ukraine, and that they had proofs ? They've never showed them, they only changed their version to "tanks are behing their border" and to "Russian soldiers have crossed the border". On the other hand the US have their army there, officially to train Ukriane's (because the army has fled en masse), the Ukrainian army has been sending mortars over the Russian border, and you have Victory Nuland a US secretary who claimed to have spent several billions to start the revolution there. Those are facts, and until there are proofs of the US/Ukrainian claims I don't believe.

Comment Re:Why are the Ukrainians using facebook? (Score 1) 254

Ukrainians are using VK not Facebook. The Ukrainian government -helped by the Americans- has been accusing the Russians and the anti-Kiev of pretty much anything so I wouldn't trust them too much. The brain records things as true when it recieves a quantity of information even if they're all false, as opposed to a few quality information pieces. Everyday you'll hear about something bad Putin has supposedly done but if it's true why do they need to tell small infos like that everyday ? Remember there are many American foundations behind the Ukrainian governement. And Snowden is now a Russian resident if it can help you distinguinsh in what country the freedom of speech is.

Comment Better quality more lag (Score 1) 16

Compared to their previous video, the density of the 3d scan is better though it doesn't really put textures. But for games there's so much delay when he moves forward to push that blue button, and also it smooths the motion so much i really doubt it can be used especially in a controller. I can't see it used in something better than a Kinect Joy Ride 2.0. There are already low quality lidars for vacuum cleaners (like neato xv11) than can be used to do that better, and this summer there's the Lidar Lite that's out so we'll see how it compares. But I don't have hopes for the project tango.

Comment Bad quality compared to existing lowcost solutions (Score 4, Interesting) 55

Google's project looks very very low quality. There are already projects, like using the lidar from a vaccum cleaner neato xv-11 or from distance mesuring lasers There's another cool project that looks very promising for 3d scanning. It uses odometry and scans from 2 webcams. It's still early but you can download it in the video link

Submission + - Bitcoin Transactions Carrying Wikileaks Files, Code, Pictures

An anonymous reader writes: Secret messages have been hidden in Bitcoin transactions since the first one 2009. By using hexadecimal messages hackers have found a way to send files. Since the blockchain is shared by every computer in the transaction, it is possible to retrieve these messages. On his blog, Ken Shirriff shares messages he's found, from pictures and Python code to a 2.6 Mbs Wikileaks manual.

Comment Re:Old news? (Score 4, Informative) 87

You're probably thinking of which is opensource. Here it's a video of David3d scanner. But there are other opensource programs that don't require a laser like VisualSFM and CMPMVS, or PPT GUI

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