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Comment SuSe-Microsoft deal (Score 1) 113

I am a linux user and I am concerned about the in-fighting amongst our community! We all know that some (SuSe Linspire,Xandros)may have made a mistake by signing agreements with microsoft, If the linux community wants to be number one, the bickering about one another has too stop and stop now! All three of the above have been contributers of the linux community for quite some time now (especially SuSe) It is way past time for us to get over our differences and move on! I personally do not care what kind of agreement these people signed,I do not believe that it was for profit only! Everybody knows that we need more compatibility with microsoft,even if we do hate them,so what are we going to do about it? Bickering back and forth did not work for unix and it will not work for linux either,give the guys some credit and stop the crying already! If they have made a mistake,they will suffer,give them some credit,in the mean time can we work on some compatibility issues? Thanks Dan

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