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Comment Venues are the problem (Score 1) 1029

It cost a family of four close to $100 to sit in a theater with discourteous morons on their cell phones and over priced snacks. I'd rather just go out to dinner with the family where we can, you know, actually talk to one another and people watch rather than be pissed off and uncomfortable.

Theaters need to fix the problem and more people will go, especially since people now have 100" 3D TV's in their living room. Fix the experience, stop gauging your customers and you might actually fill the seats.

Comment Medical Software (Score 1) 953

I have a Doctor as a client and the largest cost for his upgrade is hardware, not software. I just bought a new $7500 server to beat the current system requirements for the EHR software they use. The upgrade cost for them is only about $1200 + services. The hardware requirement is unreasonable but the software is in massive need of a redesign. The vendor is always pointing fingers back at my client when the software fails (its already a decently sized server). Keeping the old server as a TS server to run the client (Windows 2008 R2) and the new server for the DB and the software (32 gigs of RAM, 2 RAID cards with 6 15K drives and 2 Hexcore Processors). If the problems aren't resolved they cant point the finger at me anymore.

The problem with this type of software is that once a vendor hooks a Doctor for any length of time, they are hooked for life. Migration is near impossible if they wish to retain useable client histories not to mention HIPPA requirements.

Comment Silly, this is the future of ambient social apps (Score 1) 459

Its going this way anyway. Change the app to show everyone and add all sorts of filters like distance, type of establishments shown, by birthday, by sex, interests, etc and this would have snuck past them all. This is what ambient social networking is all about. Giving you a way to find people locally with the same interests and equally willing to share those interests with the world. Already happening within a slightly more limited scope http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=4260730&trk=anet_ug_grppro

Comment Re:How does it differ from single radar systems? (Score 1) 506

And will they be able to afford having 32 troopers standing by to give the tickets? Did someone do a cost benefit analysis on this or are we due for higher local taxes so the PD in the town BFE population 56 can afford to hire more officers AND afford this device to ticket those menacing speeders?

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