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Comment Lazy parents (Score 1) 1329

It seems to me that the main customers of the service in question are parents who are too damn lazy to do their jobs. If a movie has objectionable content, just don't watch it. The TV set is not a babysitter, and children under the age of 8 don't need to see more than 20-30 minutes of TV per day (more has a negative impact on brain formation because the scenes change much faster than real life), and children under the age of two shouldn't see any television at all. Sticking kids in front of the TV all the time teaches them to be more sedentary, decreases attention span, and increases probability of a learning disability.

I'm not just talking out of my ass here either, I have an eight-year-old half brother who already has major problems with learning, hyperactivity, attention span, attitude, shitting his pants, and diet because his mother is content to plop him in front of Cartoon Network or an R-rated movie at any time, and he spends hours a day watching. On the other hand, my three-year-old son is allowed to watch one 20-minute episode of The Simpsons per day with all of the commercials removed, and I watch it with him to ensure that everything that happens on the screen is explained in context. During the summer, he hardly ever gets to watch because he is usually playing outside, he sees TV maybe once or twice a week.

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