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Comment Re:Another perspective (Score 1) 1218

Well then, it's a good thing we have a Republic that was (at least in theory) specifically fucking designed to avoid the big pitfall of democracy, which is the tyranny of the majority.

Seriously, learn some fucking civics. The US government IS NOT AT ALL supposed to work like you say it does. "Whatever the majority wants, the majority gets" IS NOT how our republic is supposed to work. That's just mob rule, and Plato knew thousands of years ago that it was a bad idea.

In a limited republic like what the US is supposed to be, there are certain rights and privledges that not even the government or "the majority" can ever take away. There are things the government is not allowed to do, no matter how many people think it should be able to do it. One of those things is teach a state religion, which is essentially what teaching "creation science" in the classroom is.

So yes, we DO need to keep religion completely out of education standards. And we DO NOT need to take a vote on this. And even if we did take a vote on this, and even if every single person in the country voted for it, it STILL would be unconstitutional and the government would have no right to implement it.

Comment Re:It's about damn time (Score 4, Insightful) 1051

Hey, remember before 9/11, when airport security was the business of the airport and the airlines, not the government? And nobody grabbed your nads or took pictures of you naked or made you endure a pat down to get on a plane? I do. It was way, way better than what we have now.

Then 19 assholes with box cutters fucked it all up, and the government jumped in and decided they needed to "make us safe." Fuck that, I'll go back to the box cutter risk, if it means I get to get on a plane without being molested.

Comment Re:Find another job (Score 1) 391

You're just changing the subject to avoid a lie, though, and any person with more than two brain cells to rub together would call you out on that. The direct question was "Does this make my butt look fat." That's a yes or no question. You either lie to avoid conflict, or you tell the truth and suffer the consequences. Changing the subject isn't answering the question.

Comment Re:Now these guys have some balls (Score 1) 663

Actually, there's a semi-good reason for it. The UN Charter expressly forbids war, except in the case of self defense. So we conveniently no longer "declare war" when we go to war, we simply have Congress "authorize the use of force." Semantics, but then again, the government has nullified most of the Constitution that way.

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