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Comment I find this funny. (Score 1) 224

Haha, so Donald Trump doesn't want people opening hate websites against him so his solution is to snatch up all the potential domains. How is someone so insecure and egotistical come even close to being a suitable country leader? All a foreign minister has to do to win him over is claim that he'll grow extra large hands and better hair if the US bends over backwards for their country.

Comment Re: My iPod Touch 6 Has This Flaw (Score 1) 204

There's a difference between a "defect" and "breaking something". The former case involves a flaw in the design of the hardware itself and is the manufacturer's responsibility to fix. Apple is selling these phones knowing that there are issues with the touchscreen and that is where the problem lies.

Overly Entitled would be true if someone had dropped and cracked the screen but still blamed Apple for it.

Comment Re:corrupt world (Score 1) 91

The US has granted the entertainment industry way too much power and it's abused like crazy. Nobody fights back because our pockets are not nearly that deep.

Why should ANY private business have laws crafted to protect their profit margins or be able to force others to pay their bills to fight piracy (ISP's are suffering for it all the time including being forced to cut off their own customers in some countries). Not to mention that the industry is never satisfied and continue to make whiny demands for tougher anti-piracy measures like the spoiled brats they are.

One day, something has to snap and the entertainment industry will be put in their place. The humbling stick is bound to smack down hard on them sooner or later; let Karma take its course.

Comment Re:Not surprised, teaching to the test mentality (Score 1) 369

This was my grade 10 computer science class in a nutshell although I don't blame the teacher; the curriculum was the issue.

Instead of learning how the computer actually works and how the different parts fit together, everyone one slapped with a bunch of disjointed terms to memorize without any context surrounding them. If only schools would drop this "one size fits all" approach and understand that there is more to learning than just "memorizing things". I did far better in the practical classes such as mathematics and the later computer science classes as they were purely programming.

Lastly, I am reminded of this:

Comment Re:Bonuses? (Score 1) 266

I wondered the same thing. Another case of an overpaid schmuck who neither deserves his wages nor does he know what he is doing and airline customers suffer for it while he lives the life of luxury.

Forget removing him though, the whole TSA system is useless and needs to be dissolved. It failed most of the tests where fake weapons made it through but it sure annoys countless passengers rather successfully. Likewise, it has not foiled a single terrorist plot to date.

Why does this even exist??

Comment Fear driven laws (Score 1) 279

This is what happens when the government allows the entertainment industry to have their way with legislation. Overly prohibitive laws void of any common sense when enforced that creates obstacles that should not exist. It's a Tractor computer; not the latest hot selling album or movie.

These copyright laws exist because the entertainment industry has a death grip on antiquated business models where they always maintain tight control over their content. They don't see the need to change because they are too busy chasing pirates.

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