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Comment is just such a service (Score 2, Informative) 96

I've been trying out . It allows you to set up a queue of desired movies and then alerts you when a movie is available to stream on a selection of feeds. My only complaint is that I've not found a way to distinguish between free (to me) and paid available sources.

Comment Author discusses source material in lulu preview (Score 4, Interesting) 260

On page 12 of the Lulu scan, the author discusses the relation of his book to "Calculus: Early Transcendentals" and explains that he is attempting to provide an alternate which exactly follows the topics and formats of the original so that students can us it as a less-costly substitute. I didn't go beyond that so maybe it's a scan, but the author does address the issue.

Comment Re:Help will be required (Score 1) 360

You bet I've read Vinge and I'm excited that I might be able to be part of whole new ways of human visualization. For a step further out, you might try Karl Schroeder, "Lady of Mazes" for a picture of the society and culture of daily life within a pervasive nanobot fog :)

Comment Re:Open source? (Score 1) 360

right, I'm tracking the displacement for an initial position or pose, not the distance. This is one of the areas that confuses people on the precision that I'm getting with RF, precisely because I'm not attempting to measure the distance, just the deviation.

Comment Re:Open source? (Score 1) 360

Although this could be used "inside out" to instrument a stage, my main focus is to use it as a "wearable" that captures limb movement, so you capture that dance steps, but not the movement of the dancer relative to the stage.

Comment Re:Help is easy to get. (Score 1) 360

Sorry for the latency of the reply. My comment Karma ran out. I looked at long lists of Angel Clubs, but when that's when my insecurities regarding the execution of of the business kicks in. I really need a business guy/partner to carry this forward. Someone that would be comfortable with this phase of the start-up. I have what I think is a solid business plan and a strong patent on a novel technology, but frankly, I'm not the business guy to carry it off.

Comment Re:Nature of the beast (Score 1) 360

Ask your tech guy about the accuracy you can get from phase interferometry. I think the 3D motion guys will be very interested, since this is highly accurate, is wearable and not studio bound, and is cheap. But I'm aiming at the development of a mass market. I want this to become just a high end peripheral input device and open up broad new applications markets at the consumer level. I'd practically give the technology to the studios, just for the exposure and development.

Comment Re:"Bunny" Huang (Score 1) 360

Oddly enough, although I don't know Bunny. I'm been keeping up with him over the years. As the software architect for the xbox manufacturing software, I was deeply involved in XBox security and read, with admiration, the process of this analysis of necessary security approaches and possible weaknesses.. Since I've also spent a lot of time in the Chinese manufacturing sector, I could also sympathize with his experiences. He would be a wonderful guy to work with, but I don't think this is his kind of project. What a nice thought, though. ---- Dennis

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