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Submission + - South Africa adopt ODF as goverment standard (

martinlp writes: reported that the South African government have officially standardized on ODF as a standard for government communications. South Africa was one of the countries that voted "no" to the fast tracking of the Microsoft "Office Open XML" as an ISO standard. This is great news as the more countries standardize on ODF the more difficult it will be for Microsoft to stuff their "standard" down our throats.

Comment Why another OS? (Score 1) 224

Google already have a filesystem, a calendar app, a spreadsheet app and a word processor. They're already in the process of moving features *away* from the desktop and onto the web - why on earth would they need to develop a desktop OS?

My bet is we will see some kind of integration of Google products and desktop apps, like a "save your Word document directly to Google Docs" or the like - thus making any desktop OS less relevant.
Or offer offline versions of their apps: ine-mode/

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