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Comment Boomers (Score 1) 538

We have many faculty that are, how do I put it, well past their sell-by date. These faculty are 60-70 years old, commanding top dollar salaries, and for the most part, they do nothing but rest on their laurels. Fancy titles, distinguished, scholars, etc, but no grants, no teaching responsibilities, no real purpose other than committees, dean of this or that, and his is what they've done for the past 20-30-40 years. While I am by no means discounting the knowledge/wisdom/experience of these elder faculty, education should be a fluid, moving entity. Every University needs a succession plan. My point is there is a HUGE cost here - the lack of funds available for new faculty. These departments have not had an influx of faculty in decades because as budgets get slashed, what funds are available are taken by tenured obligations. Sorry, but retire, move on, and make room for the next generation of faculty.

Comment Wait a minute... (Score 2) 998

FTFA, "If you factor out the super-loyal Toyota Prius buyers ... No other hybrid was anywhere close [in overal sales]." Well no duh. If you factor out the Prius, what do you have left? Cars that have hybrid engine options that sell at a premium. As a Prius owner, 7 years and 47000 miles later, I may not even have to buy another car!

Submission + - The revolution begins ( 1

djfake writes: Finally, a message from Anonymous, providing a unified message for the #occupy movements across America. The revolution begins now! We are here to stay!

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