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Comment Re:The circle of geekdom (Score 1) 320

I completely agree. It's because we are all hooked into outlets that allow us to stay ahead of the news. It's just one of those things that we do well because we are passionate about tech and science. It's not necessarily that they are behind it's just that we are ahead.

Here's a good tip to stay years ahead of the game. Every once in a while check out tech companies career pages to see what they are hiring for. I could have told you that Logitech would be coming out with Blutooth and wireless gaming headsets years ago because they were specifically looking for engineers with blutooth and wireless experience. Most companies unknowingly give away what projects they will be working on by requiring specific qualifications in a resume. Right now Google is hiring developers for a new web based operating system. That's just one example of why we are way ahead of the mainstream.

Comment Sacrifices content and performance for aesthetics (Score 1) 2254

I like the new design very much. The only thing I don't like is a majority of the comments are collapsed. One of the best parts about /. is reading all of the intelligent and witty comments. The real value in this site is the intellectual level of it's patrons, seriously. I like reading what everyone thinks about DOCSIS, network administration, etc... This site isn't for everyday people, it's for geeks, and as such I want to see things from a variety of viewpoints. The new design takes up too much of my time to really enjoy others opinions. Because of whatever changes were made (I could find out but don't care to) the site is actually much slower loading for me.

To summarize: It's slower and harder to use but looks better. Sacrificing content and performance for aesthetics... doesn't take a genius to see how this will affect the daily visitors.

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