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Comment Best part - Unlimited tethering! (Score 1) 209

The best part of being grandfathered onto the unlimited data plan with Verizon is unlimited tethering!

I pay $29.99 for Unlimited Email & Web, and $30.00 for "4G Smartphone Hotspot" - which is also unlimited. So I get unlimited LTE tethering, which is great - I work from home so I use this to go work from the park, etc.. for a change of scenery. Use about 20GB of data per month that way.

Downside was paying full price for an iPhone 5s.. I am thinking about buying iPhone 6 - with VoLTE I could be on the phone and tether at the same time! That was only thing keeping me from using LTE full time and getting rid of my cable modem connection.

Comment DrayTek routers (Score 1) 376

I've recently discovered DrayTek routers - they're apparently popular outside of the states. The 2930 series is rated up to 70Mbps, the 2950 series 90Mbps. There might be beefier solutions in their lineup, but these are the two I was looking at. I came across them looking for a Dual-WAN router - I eventually settled on the 2930 router (non-WiFi) to load balance my Cable Modem and DSL connections. The combined upstream/downstream bandwidth on both connections was more than most entry-level Dual-WAN routers could handle.

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