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Comment Energy consumption (Score 1) 85

I have, fairly recently, come to the realization that we are consuming *far* too much energy. Now, I'm guilty of living in a society where cars are the norm, and I still drive probably more than I need to, but I'm making an effort where I can to reduce energy consumption. What does this have to do with flying cars? Everything. A single car consumes an enormous amount of energy, not just in just running it, but in building it, and the infrastructure to support it. The idea of a flying car is only going to burn through our oil even faster.

I insist on working from home now; our family has one car. My trike (with a trailer) allows me to go to the store for groceries and run other errands. And before somebody says something: Yes I know it came from Germany to the US - energy got it here. I think we could cut back on individual consumption and still have a world where things get from point A to point B.

We should all start to think this way. I realize it's not practical for some people. I get it, but it's the direction we need to be headed. My daughter's grand-kids are going to be in a world of hurt. I won't see the benefit of my efforts, but that generation will most certainly be looking back on this generation wondering why we trashed the planet.

Comment ...inconvenience... (Score 1) 67

That word coming from any business, large or small, just makes me f**king livid. I've paid money for a working thing/service. This isn't an inconvenience, this is me losing my hard-earned money on something that doesn't work. The proper response is: Send back your old monitor and we'll send you a new one, on us.

Comment Ummm, good? (Score 1) 55

I know it's fashionable to dump on the Java ecosystem around here. However, given the tools and libraries that are available, I find it incredibly easy to write apps quickly and efficiently. Personally, I've started to use Kotlin and it rocks. Between it and Groovy and the massive wealth of libraries in the Java ecosystem, I haven't found anything else that lets me be as productive.

That said, some of the frameworks out there just plain suck. My employer is building a Spring/Hibernate Servlet system, and while there are a few things that are kinda cool about Spring, I think it's mostly a clusterf**k of an over-bloated framework. I guess you have to use it when you are communicating with a bunch of disparate systems, but I'm certain that it's killing our team's productivity hugely.

I've tried Go, and I like it but there is not very much of a community around it, and the database package was designed by morons. I've tried Rust. I think it has potential, but it's really hard to spin up your head around it. And again, not much of a community.

Comment Re:Funny thing about 8K... (Score 1) 192

I would suggest that the 8K support is mainly geared toward professional capture. Current [very] high-end cameras support 8K capture, but managing the output is proprietary per brand. The pros use the 8K to work with editing/zooming allowing them to keep at least a 4K image as final output. IMO, having the HDMI spec support 8K is a good move to standardize video transfer. I see it supports 60fps too. Another good move. I really can't imagine why consumer equipment would exceed 4K - but I'm sure somebody will make it, and somebody will buy it just to show off.

Comment She was more than Leia (Score 5, Insightful) 456

She was a very complex person, and before people start beating her up because she "let herself go" (which, by the way, she readily admitted)... You weren't her, you didn't have her problems and her life. Could she have done things differently? Of course. But, it is what it is. An early death is generally the price paid for drug abuse and not taking care of yourself.

She was witty A.F. and an excellent writer. I was 13 when I saw her for the first time on the silver screen. And *wow*. Over the years, I've appreciated what she has done - which is why people that knew her loved her deeply. Leia was just the start.

Comment Re:Dumb idea (Score 1) 255

Surprise! The very high end cars have already done this. Lexus, BMW, Rolls Royce, several others all have drive-by-wire systems, the steering wheel is controlled by individual electric motors(sometimes a single motor). And and electric motor on the pedal simulates the feel of hydraulic pressure.

No, that's wrong. Consumer cars (Lexus for sure, not sure about RR) have a physical connection from the steering wheel to the steering mechanism attached to the axle. This system is *assisted* by either hydraulics or electric motors. If these fail, you can still steer the vehicle. Of course, it's more difficult, but it can still be done.

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