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Comment Re:Ohh what? wait a sec..! (Score 4, Insightful) 216

There are several facets to this issue. First, I'm a licensed private pilot. The regulations for private pilot are rather different than for ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), so the phrase "Private pilots cannot comply with the regulations of the large airlines" is somewhat misleading.

Now, the question comes to be: Is this pilot doing a "For Hire" service. This really is the crux of the issue. If the pilot *truly* is going somewhere and you want to go with them and split the cost of the trip, this is perfectly legal. However once you (the pilot) cross the line of going places because someone wants to go somewhere, that would be a For-Hire service. This gets a little gray because the pilot can't charge the cost of the trip, but must "share" expenses, legally. This can get somewhat hard to prove. However, if you are a pilot that does for-hire transport, then you must have a commercial license (not ATP), which again has some different regulatory requirements (pilot performance, medical, etc) than a private pilot.

I think I'm on board with the FAA on this one. Uber drivers are for-hire, really - I don't think anyone could rightfully say you're just hitching a ride. "Uber for planes" is the same thing.

Comment Re:Gimmicky changes (Score 2, Insightful) 238

Apple doesn't make computers. They make toys. No point in listing specs for a toy.

When I compare my Mac to my Toshiba, or really any other laptop, the Mac feels more solid, works faster, and crashes less than any other computer I've ever seen. I know I'm feeding a troll, but you obviously have never really used a Mac. You would change your mind if you did.

Comment So What? (Score 1) 105

I really just don't get why this is news, or a surprise to anybody. There comes a point when you sell so many that you will saturate the market, and this is exactly what has happened. It's not like they aren't selling, it's just that things have reached a point and that's that.

And the next thing: Why is it such big news that Apple's sales have leveled off. Seriously, it's the same issue, and what does it really matter? I am, in fact, an Apple fan (my household has 7 various Apple devices), but I fail to see what the BFD is regarding the leveling off of sales. Is it just because the rich aren't getting quite as rich?

Comment Re:Isn't there a quote/corollary about reinventing (Score 1) 75

Well, I'm not so sure I agree with that. Here's my take. I've taken a recent interest in Rust and Go. I've done C programming on and off for about 20 years along with quite a few other languages. I think C++ is just a big screw-up, and I appreciate what Rust is trying to accomplish. But, I don't think Rust is ready for prime-time yet and the development process seems really slow. I like the ideas they are coming up with. I think the trouble with it is that it doesn't seem to have a strong enough backing and I'm afraid it'll just fall into abandonware. I hope that's not the case.

Go takes a different approach from Rust, but I also like the direction it has taken. What Go has going for it is that it has strong backing. Of course, Google has the habit of dropping things too, so there's that...

Both of these languages I think are an improvement over C/C++. Of course everybody has their own opinions, but I'm right ;)

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