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Comment Re:Just Looking Up a License Plate Number? (Score 1) 580

I'm gonna have to start dressing like the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse or Spawn or something when I go riding...but that also gives credence to "Loud Pipes Save Lives"...course, that applies more to me than to you, given the respective styles of our motorcycles.

And it seems to me that some people think that "blind spots" are places you can't see at all...but it only refers to your mirrors. The only people who have a legitimate gripe about that are truckers, and most of them do pretty dang good on being cautious.

I drove a big '87 Crown Vic for about 8 years, and the only times I "didn't see someone" were when I was driving like a shithead and not paying enough attention. I don't make a habit of riding in blind spots, but if you're changing lanes, you are the person breaking status quo and thusly you are responsible for injury caused by your action. So turn your head further next time, jackass!


Submission + - Music from purchased CD is copyright infringement (

rangeva writes: "The RIAA now claims music ripped from a purchased CD is copyright infringement. In Atlantic v. Howell, a case against a pro se litigant in Arizona, the RIAA has filed a supplemental brief in support of its motion for summary judgment. The Court has given Mr. Howell until January 11th to respond, and has scheduled a hearing for January 24th at 2:00 P.M.
Everybody hide your iPods!"


Submission + - Air-powered Hybrid Cars To Market In India In 2008 ( 1

djasbestos writes: Motor Development International of France and Tata Motors of India are teaming up to bring a new kind of (nearly) pollution-free hybrid car.

From the article: "Instead of those tiny, tiny explosions of gasoline and oxygen pushing the pistons up and down, like in a normal internal combustion engine, the all-aluminum four-cylinder air engine used compressed air for the job.

"A hybrid version, using a small gasoline engine to power an onboard compressor for a constant supply of compressed air, is claimed to be able to travel from Los Angeles to New York on just one tank of gas."

A similar vehicle developed by Energine Corporation (South Korea) is mentioned, whose design supplants an electric battery for the small gas motor in powering the air compressor. The battery is also used to power the vehicle once it has reached cruising speed.

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