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Journal Journal: Palin is an idiot. You can Flamebait me to death, don't care

I'm tired of these political hardliners defending Palin.

She is an idiot. The Yahoo mail thing is just one of her many clusterfucks which she will bring and enhance if she gets to the white house.

We can't let these sort of average morons run the country. It is dangerous and irresponsible.

So go ahead, mod me Flamebait, you fucking neocons.

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Journal Journal: People post as anonymous coward to defend their own ideas. 1

Here's a prime example:

I post a comment replying to a guy that suggests consumers heat-test appliances by placing their hand on them to feel warmth. My comment suggests that a "hand test" is stupid, since good case designs funnel the necessary heat out from their components, either passively or active, which could either cause hot air or a hot case. I didn't go into details, but obviously my meaning was lost on the people that replied. Somehow, somewhere, there were enough mods to grant me a +5 so that the message got out.

Seriously. Let's say you have a DVD player with a copper case and the case is HOT! Well, what's hot? Most people won't get in a hot tub over 106F, yet, 145F is like super-hot coffee. But the fail point for the fucking processor is about 180F.

So, let's recap:

1) Processor failpoint (=unstable) 180F
2) Temperature of outside case 146F (BURNS YOUR SHIT OFF)
3) Temperature skin (with water-like rate of transfer is very, very hot at) 106F.

Tell me, again, how we are supposed to use a "hand test" to determine the health/veracity of computer components, based on this idiotic test of putting on hands on metal or plastic cases, either near or far from vents?

The people that replied are the "retards", not me. Feel free to respond here with a username, if you're one of those AC idiots that tried to prove I'm wrong about using a "hand test" on appliances.

Hey, when's the last time you adjusted your OVEN through its controls? Boy I bet it must be running cool, since there's no fucking external hot points on it, huh? Just that exhaust fan when you crank it up to 500F. And that air simply can't be over 100F that comes out. I guess I'm stupid for assuming we can design failures that have EXCELLENT external case temps with exceedingly high case temps, which melt your CPU. I'm sure there's never cases where putting your hand on the external case of an electronics device doesn't immediately reveal the failure temp (whether it be 130F, 150F, 180F or 200F) of all internal components, whether you know the max temperatures for the relevant processors or otherwise.

But what the fuck do I know? eh?

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Journal Journal: First journal post in 2.5 years

Dear /.

I have had very few moderation points in the last year, in spite of similar habits over the last 3 years, during which I had extremely frequent points.

It disturbs and concerns me given the inability of the moderators to use sensible judgment in dealing with the retarded bullshit and stupid comments passed off as insight.

Please advise.

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Journal Journal: meta-mod 1

When I meta-mod, I'm always evaluating things not based on public-perception, but person.

If someone type a semi-applicative "In soviet Russia..." ... that's +1 funny. Maybe +2, or +3 if it's REALLY cunning.

If someone gives a URL as a backup for a file. That's helpful. It's not interesting, it's not insightful, it's helpful. The flaw in the system is there is no way to "float that" to the surface without giving it proper credence, so I allow those to be +3 at best. Just so they get recognition. If it's +5, I mod it "unsightful" or whatever.

+5 comments to be should be lol funny. Incredibly insightful (not just informed-opinionated). Incredibly interesting, not just a rehash of some opinion with a random fact.

+4 comments get some flexibility. I'd like them to still be +5s, only maybe not quite as good as the 1-5 comments total (per article) that get +5.

+3 comments are all those that basically "hit my radar". Anything below this I don't even want to see.

What I like to do is "unfunny" a lot of the "funny" shit. Just because the comment "seems funny" or like it would be, or TRIES to be, doesn't mean it is.

Think of yourself like a writer for a TV show. Would you really mod cliche'd jokes +5 funny? Would you put that on TV?

I consider my job (as meta-moderator) to put people in their place when they choose to mod this common-place drivel, perhaps mildly clever, to rest. The only things that should make it to +5 should be smart enough, insightful enough, or funny enough to be on TV.

Not that TV isn't retarded.

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Journal Journal: a new moron on the shitlist

New troll-like moron added to the foes list:

For some reason he felt it was sensible to write two paragraphs with the assumption I was a child and should be discussing mass-media technology adoption and awareness with my parents or older relatives that witnessed the speed of DVD and casette tapes brought to market.

Golly gee mister, what are 8-track?! Is that like, how many wavs you can play at once in Sony Acid Pro?!

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Journal Journal: friends and foes

Spent some time updating my friends and foe list after the last flame war broke out in a post I made about Lagrange points (you wouldn't think it possible... but this is /.). List getting too large to notify personally (not that anyone would care), so this is blanket notice to all my new foes, and friends. hah.
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Journal Journal: +5 Interesting or -1 Troll?

It's strange when the pattern your comments go in is like:

-1 Troll
+5 Interesting
-1 Troll
+5 Insightful

I'm not sure what to make of it.

User Journal

Journal Journal: drunk defending steam, in trouble

I got two -1 troll posts for defending steam against the flash-flood of idiots that like to jump on the anti-steam bandwagon. I seriously think most of them are would-be pirates (or actually pirates) still angry they had to pay to get a "complete" experience, including patch updates, etc.

It seems a lot of pirates get mod points too. People treat games (because they are for intertainment... I guess) with less reverance than computer software. If it was a thread about how Lightwave 7's registraiton servers were down on saturday night (~$2000 piece of software), it'd never make frontpage /. nor would anyone mention how they love the pirated version and spreading it around (and if they did, they'd likely be modded down). But if it's a popular game? Everyone can talk about how cool it is to pirate, and how the pirates are the good guys.

Fucking hipocrites that don't respect the $millions that went into making Half Life 2, who WANT TO PLAY, and yet still stealing, doing their part to contribute to the mediocrity of our society. Anytime anyone does anything sufficiently good, it's up to assholes to ruin it for the rest of it.

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Journal Journal: ./ - slow news days

Been slow news on /. Bunch of stuff I don't care about:

BigTux Shows Linux Scales To 64-Way
MelbourneIT Lapse Permitted Panix Hijack
Picasa 2.0 Released, Reviewed
Paypal Founder's Merlin Rocket Engine Fires Up

User Journal

Journal Journal: Stand Up /. Comedians 2

What's the deal with all these people who think they are stand up comedians on /.? Is it the proliferation of easy-to-get +5 funnah? Or is it just that the dorks on this site find just about... well... everything, funny.

I mean, basically, if you take any out of context quote, article, etc, and somehow if it has a negative component in it and suggest Microsoft is responsible... BBOOOOOMM!!! +5 funny.

Worse yet, make an obscure Star Trek or Simpsons reference, neither will be particularly funny in most cases, or the quote itself will be "quote fodder" for quote monkeys to throw around... +5 funny.

People that do "obligatory" quotes should be the first against the wall in the ./ revolution. I want there to be a mod for that shit, the people that post the same, unoriginal, unspired, shit into the content pool day after day, excited at the prospect that other morons will mod them +5 and not really having any thought or value contributed to the discussion.

In a way, it's just like America. Only a few people are actually THINKING, DOING, and CREATING, the real men and women. While the rest are just copying what everyone else has already done, regurgitating in, best case, crafty ways, to disguise themselves as something more than they ar...

Ok, I'm done.

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Journal Journal: Star Trek Enterprise s/b in orbit

I demand for Enterprise to beam me up and get caught into a prime directive moral delimma regarding whether to help me, and my planet, during the End Times. Earth 2005.
User Journal

Journal Journal: My first "freak" 8

User: Quantum Jim (610382)

How exciting! I did a brief search and it doesn't appear he replied to any of the comments I've made. Just for good measure, after looking at his journal and seeing something about controlling moderation through FOF, I decided to mark him a Foe.

I gather the premise of this system, but find it strange that people would just arbitrarily add you without mentioning it.

To those ends, I made a post into Jimmy's journal calling some song he posted stupid. We'll see how it goes.

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Journal Journal: Post Ratings... interesting

My last 5 posts go:

3, Insightful
5, Funny
-1, Off-topic
3, Interesting
5, Funny

I will strive to be more insightful, interesting, and on-topic to satisfy the complex lusts and desires of the moderators, who find me only somewhat amusing but evidently, do not take me all that seriously.


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