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Comment Re:Pricey (Score 1) 109

Dunno, I think it's a way cool idea. It's not that plugging in the charger takes any time. It's just that it's one more thing you have to remember to do in your day. Tesla is trying to make charging effortless. Presumably it will only charge when the time is appropriate and to the level desired and will slither away when it's done. It's a beautiful thing.

Comment Whenever I deal with Bell I feel slimy (Score 2) 39

Every 5 years or so I forget how bad my experiences with Bell Canada have been and I buy a service from them. Invariably within a month or two I'm horribly disappointed. Incompetence, poor ethics and deceptive pricing. Then I bounce into the arms of small local providers and I relearn what good service is all about.

I don't know what went wrong with Bell. Some kind of institutionalized bad karma or something, but they have to be the worst large corporation to deal with in Canada.

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