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Comment Other things/her hobbies (Score 1) 550

I agree with the few that say don't try and get her to game but don't take such a nihilistic approach. Instead maybe you should find something that she is interested in and develop an interest in it yourself, why does she have to be the one to 'change'. If that isn't applicable maybe you two should find a new hobby together. Especially something that gets you outside and working together things like Skii'ing, camping, hiking, even rock climbing if your more adventurous not only get you in great shape but are way more exciting then any video game and help develop strong emotional bonds. I have gaming friends (mostly table top some board gaming) but I'm no where near as close to them at an emotional level as I am with my climbing friends zero comparison. Just my two cents.

Comment Re:Anthropomorphism (Score 5, Insightful) 204

I majored in Physics and am currently in grad school and I have no problem with that wording. In fact we Physicist often anthropomorphize when talking amongst ourselves, so what the hell is your problem? Grow up and realize that language is simply a tool used to convey ideas, no one with half a brain reads that statement and actually thinks the particles in the system have needs or desires. Instead they will realize by the wording and context that the particle(s) are simply less likely to be in the higher energy states for reasons that the author doesn't want to go into. If you disagree you're wrong.

Comment Diversify (Score 1) 433

I agree with what many are already saying a degree in CS seems a bit redundant with your expertise. Consider Math, Physics or Electrical Engineering. Not only will a BS in any of the subjects get your foot in the door your work experience will be more or less a second degree in the eyes of your future employers. Also your expertise wont be so narrowly defined and it may open up more job opportunities. Further you may find you really love the subject that you study in school.

Comment Star ship Enterprise? (Score 4, Insightful) 589

The proposed ship would be starship Enterprise in the same sense the space shuttle Enterprise is the star ship enterprise. Not really a star ship if it can't travel between the stars... So why spend 20 years and 1 trillion dollars building a ship to explore the solar system? I think it would be much cheaper, quicker and more feasible to simply build an armada of probes to explore great tracts of the solar system in a much shorter period of time for much less money then a single ship flying from world to world.

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