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Comment Re:Of course Apple will respond (Score 0) 114

(It's funny, laugh...)

Funny because your diamond-tipped intellect sliced right through all logic and pithy wisdom, thudded straight into the heart of cliched and lazy humour, shivering there with barely-containable ironic energy, because we know that you, the Physician of Quippery are so much smarter than that and this seemingly inept, utterly sad excuse at humour was just a meta commentary on the sad, sickly state of slashdot commentary?

Fucking hilarious

Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 1258

But, God is omnipotent right? He doesn't need tools.

See how just a little thought about physics causes you to reject one of the most fundamental claims about God, his omnipotence.

Unless he is the tools. You know, he's the stuff that makes other stuff happen.

*takes another hit*

Of course that would make physicists = theologians and that may very well spark a patent dispute.

Comment Re:A few I cherish (Score 1) 1244

Mervyn Peake - Gormenghast (and sequels). HARD to get into, but rewarding if you understand that they are very experimental.

It's actually Titus Groan and the sequels (Gormenghast is the second of three). The third is unfortunately a mess. But the finest fantasy ever written in my opinion.

I wouldn't call it experimental in any way - it's just atypical; it's character-driven fantasy. Grotesque and impressionistic. There's nothing else even moderately like it. If you haven't read it, do it now.

My pick for a great forgotten author - Jack Vance. Cugel's Saga is a brilliant picaresque, the Lyonesse series is wonderful, even his less successful efforts like the Tschai series are worth reading. There's something about his pacing and rhythm that I find immensely readable.

Comment Re:I have an additional theory (Score 1) 349

Seriously, how people can subject themselves to the crap on TV now a days boggles my mind.

I love this - when was the golden age of television that didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, didn't thrust into your eyesockets with advertisements, had shows of culture and integrity that challenged and invigorated its audiences? When was that?

TV today is as good or better than it ever has been. There are quality shows with believable, complex characterization and multi-season arcs that don't always center upon the medical or legal system. Sure, they don't build radios out of cocoanuts or learn valuable life lessons on a Princess Cruise, but you can't have it all.

Comment Re:Cue Apple fans saying "That could NEVER happen" (Score 2) 584

"Idiot Ready" actually means 'thoughtfully designed'.

... To put it another way, Apple's current design methodology is centered around the notion that people should not have to think about how to use their computers. Let me emphasize the important part: people should not have to think. If the term "idiot" does not properly convey the notion of someone who is not willing or able to think, I am not really sure what would.

No, you don't get it at all. People should not have to learn how to use computers. Or software. That part is true.

But you're missing the point - you're not listening to why that's true. People should be able to discover, through design, how to use a computer or piece of software. That's what thoughtful design is. Paying attention to how people interact with things and using those tendencies to inform them. The idea that people should learn how computers need to be interacted with and not the other way around is ludicrous and nothing but elitism by tech-savvy types.

I'm not saying Apple is all that, but the concept is sound.

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